Why You Should Cruise The Caribbean

Have you ever thought of cruising the Caribbean? It's been something my husband and I have been looking into recently. As there are so many places to see and reasons to go on a Caribbean cruise, we have decided to take the plunge and book. Caribbean cruises have a lot to offer everyone, so this post is about why you should cruise the Caribbean and the advantages of going on a Caribbean cruise. 

You get to visit some great destinations 


Going on a Caribbean cruise is a great way of seeing several destinations on one trip. Sure it's not an in-depth introduction to the many different islands you can visit but it is a great taster.  You can find out which Caribbean islands you may want to explore more without committing to a specific island trip. Although there may be similarities with some of the islands, there are also lots of differences in culture,  food and landscape too as each country is beautiful and unique. For example, Grenada is a very green Caribbean island whilst Aruba is arid and dry. 

It's a relaxing way to travel

pool on ship
Cruising is a relaxing way to travel. You don't have the stress of flying between ports and the limited luggage you can take. Cruises generally have a generous luggage allowance  You don't have the stress of choosing from hundreds of places to eat every night but you have a lot of choices to fit most diets from buffets to A La Carte restaurants onboard. You have amazing amenities that can help you relax too on the ship, like hot tubs, swimming pools and spas. You have entertainment onboard that will keep you entertained. Many have kids clubs too so you can relax without worrying about the kids. 

It has some amazing landscapes

You get to see some of the amazing landscapes and variety of flora and fauna when you cruise the Caribbean. As mentioned before each island is different and unique. Islands like Grenada and Dominica are very green but of course, they do get rain, whilst islands like Aruba and Bonaire are less green but get less rain, perfect for all year sun.  Hikers and nature lovers will enjoy St Lucia with the Pitons mountains, and the Vermont Nature Trail in St Vincent.  Whilst Guadaloupe and Jamacia are known for their waterfalls. These Caribbean islands do have one thing in common though - the stunning sunrises and sunsets.  

You have some exciting shore excursions

On a Caribbean cruise, you have some exciting shore excursions. You can go trekking in the rainforest in the Dominican Republic, you can snorkel with stingrays in Grand Cayman, you can go parasailing in CocoCay in the Bahamas, and you can go on one of the longest ziplines in the world in Belize. If you prefer a slower pace of life you can also explore the local culture and go on a food or distillery tour where you try the local food and drink. I mean who can resist Jamaican rum?

It's surprisingly cost-effective 


Going on a Caribbean cruise is surprisingly cost-effective. When you compare how much it would be to visit each destination then a Caribbean cruise can be a real bargain. This is often because of the inclusive nature of most cruises. You usually get all your food included, some, if not all drinks including cocktails, entertainment and tips. You don't need to pay for a hotel every night as your ship is your hotel, you don't need to pay for transportation to different airports or a rental car.  When you add up how much it would cost you to stay on each island and the associated costs you realise a Caribbean cruise can be surprisingly cost-effective.

As you can see Caribbean cruises are amazing fun. Let me know, have you been on a Caribbean cruise? Which are your favourite Caribbean islands? 

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