Why You Must Visit The French Quarter When In New Orleans

New Orleans is a city that tourists can't get enough of. From the classic architecture to the incredible entertainment and food, people arrive and realize they never want to leave. Nowhere is that more true than in the French Quarter of the city. Here are the top reasons why you have to stop in this part of town, and why you'll learn to love it, too.

The History

Jackson Square

The French Quarter in New Orleans has one of the fascinating histories in the country. Although not all of its past is a happy one, with warring between people who lived here during the Civil War and the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, there's a lot of life to celebrate here.

You can study up on its past through the Historic New Orleans Collection museum and buildings like The Cabildo where we saw a Mardi Gras exhibit and an exhibition about Hurricane Katrina and how it affected the lives of people in New Orleans and the New Orleans Pharmacy Museum. 

The Food


Muffaletta sandwiches and beignets are just the beginning of what you'll find in the french quarter. Endless restaurants offer delicious foods ranging from Creole to Cajun and even fresh spins on southern comfort foods. Every restaurant has secret recipes that make itself stand apart, and every ingredient is chosen specifically to entice and excite restaurant-goers. 

While you're there, some of the best-known restaurants to try are Brennans and Muriels. These eateries are the classics where even locals still eat and rave about. Also, try the Commander's Palace for 25 cent martinis at lunch. We visited a few years ago and enjoyed the cheap martinis, and the food is half decent too!

The Music

Jazz statue

Music clubs may come and go, but the music played in New Orleans lives forever. Although there are classic clubs like the Balcony Music Club and Conservation Hall, you shouldn't be shy about trying unfamiliar names. Acts range from well-known artists to artists who are just starting their journey as a musician. You can find jazz, blues, and rock, but don't just stick to what you know. The French Quarter is here to thrill regardless of genre, so I recommend for you to be open to music you usually wouldn't listen to while you are here.

The People

musician New Orleans

Because cars aren’t welcome in most of the French Quarter, people are more used to having to greet others and be around strangers on the streets. Locals are friendly, creative, and fun people who have been through more storms than any city should have to weather. Their friendliness isn’t conditional, as long as you’re friendly and respectful back to them. 

If you start to fall in love with New Orleans, check out New Orleans houses for sale when you are there, if you fancy moving to this vibrant city with some amazing food and entertainment options.

The Entertainment

Mardi Gras

Music isn't the only way to enjoy what the city has to offer. Permanent exhibits, burlesque, comedy shows and of course the worlds famous Mardi Gras, are some of the things on offer. You might be excited to see a street performer dancing, and twenty feet away, an unrelated band is playing their heart out. Live theatre is fun and exciting, with the world-known Orpheum Theater putting on classics and recent favourites for sold-out audiences. Although it has a history in vaudeville, it doesn't restrain itself to any one genre anymore.

One thing is for certain, all human life is in the French Quarter and when you visit you will have a fabulous time! Let me know, have you been to New Orleans?

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