Cool Gadgets And Gifts From Wicked Uncle

Buying presents can be hard work. Firstly you have to think, will they like it? Then you have to think, will they have it? When you are looking for gifts that are a bit different it can be really difficult to source something unique especially if you are looking for some cool gadgets and gifts that not everyone has, then welcome to Wicked Uncle. This is a collaboration with Wicked Uncle however all opinions and thoughts are my own. 

Who Are Wicked Uncle?

Wicked Uncle is an online company that have sourced a wide range of fun, unusual and different presents for young ones and those young at heart. Yes, you mum, dad, grandad and grandma and those at the back!

Gifts are organised into categories. You can shop for gifts by age (from birth to 105!) and by categories such as Engineer, Educational, and Brainiac. They seem to pick their games and gadgets well as they have an interesting choice that will appeal to both boys and girls, men and women and they all sound a lot of fun. Let's have a look at my choice of cool gadgets and gifts from Wicked Uncle.

Great for dad

Hydraulic Cyborg Hand DIY Kit £29.95

For the dad who has everything, what about a cyborg's hand? If his favourite film is The Terminator or Blade Runner and he's into building and engineering this cool cyborg hand will be very appreciated. He can have fun using the hydraulic system to pick up objects, shake hands, even giving a thumbs up or down. 
Certainly, it will be a unique Father's Day gift he won't forget in a hurry that's for sure.

For family fun

The House of Riddles Exit Game £13.95

When you think of games you can play as a family you may think of the old classics like Monopoly, Cluedo or even the strategy game Risk but there is a range of new games in town and they are based on escape room games. If you have played an escape room game you may be familiar with the format. You are locked in a themed room with a group of people and you solve the riddles to get out. Of course with a home version like this, no one is locked in but you get an immersive game that the family or a group of friends can complete together. Great for parties I would say!

For cool adventurers

night goggles

Spy X - Night Mission Goggles £19.95

For small kids and big kids too, these Spy X night mission Goggles are great for nighttime adventures. The super cool blue-tinted lenses will enhance the night vision and you can even have directional blue lights on full mode. Easy to fit with stretchy elastic straps these night mission googles are great for a nighttime visit to the fridge that's for sure. With a retractable scope and magnifying lenses too these goggles make a super cool present I think you will agree!

For creative kids

rock painting kit

Rock Painting - Hide & Seek Fun to Share £12.99

If you have creative kids, then check out the Rock Painting kit. Rock Painting has become very popular in lockdown and this kit will give you everything you need to start up this pastime. Containing 6 smooth river rocks, 6 acrylic paints, 2 paintbrushes and a 48 page book of hints and tips to be creative with the rocks. This kit is also well priced and would make a good pocket money treat or gift for others.

As you can see Wicked Uncle has some super cool gadgets and gifts that you won't get anywhere. To buy some brilliant presents check out the fabulous range from Wicked Uncle now. Let me know what you think of the gadgets and gifts on the Wicked Uncle website! Do you have a favourite item?



  1. The rock painting kit looks fun, definitely the kind of thing my kids would love to receive.

  2. I've played one escape room game before and it was so much fun, I need to try a few more x

  3. Wicked Uncle is so nice - they've got great lists for specific ages. Rock painting is really fun.

  4. Some great gift ideas here! I know my kids would enjoy the rock painting kit as we have been walking and hiding rocks lately and my husband would love the cyborg hand

  5. I love these gift ideas, which are a bit out of the ordinary. The rock painting kit would particularly appeal to me personally. I saw quite a few of these in people's gardens when we were in lockdown.

  6. So many great gift ideas here - I love the look of the House of Riddles game, that sounds right up my street!