Exploring Mindfulness With Your Child

Mindfulness or the art of being present is an incredibly powerful tool that children can learn from a very young age. In fact, most toddlers have the ability to be completely present already in their skillset. Recognising and tapping into it can be a wonderful experience for both child and adult.

What is mindfulness?

child looking at puddle

Have you ever seen a small child staring into the world within a puddle? Or at a drop of rain as it makes its way down a windowpane? These are really, mindful moments. We gradually lose our ability to lose ourselves in a moment as we grow up – and losing ourselves to simply being is of great help when it comes to stress and anxiety.

Why use mindfulness?

As anxiety and depression are at record numbers in our children and young people, it’s vital that as parents and caregivers, we seek to provide them with the tools they need to manage. An increasingly tech-driven lifestyle has removed many children from their ability to ‘be with themselves’ which is what mindfulness is in essence.

How to begin

Start by creating a lovely, cosy space within your home. Tell your child that this is a special place. A place where there is no need to talk, no need to sing, no need to move or even to think. It’s a place they can come to any time they want to feel more comfortable. Let them know that the only rules are that if they want to do something – they must leave the space. This teaches them physically that mindfulness is a special state of being. A way of being in a moment that does not include anything other than being still.

Using mindfulness every day

The great thing about mindfulness is that it can be used in almost any situation and environment. Teaching your child about this is like letting them in on a superpower. Explain to them that using Mindfulness can help them to relax in situations where they might otherwise be upset or worried.

This college in Hampshire places a strong emphasis on teaching young people to stand on their own two feet and Mindfulness can allow children of all ages to do exactly that. Once your child understands how to use it, Mindfulness can be carried with them throughout their life.

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