5 Ideas To Make Your Photographs Look Unique

Whether you’re a keen amateur or an experienced professional, as a photographer you’ll undoubtedly want to capture images that are stunning and unique, and also worthy of showing off in high quality photo enlargements.

If you usually snap family and friends and are looking for some inspiration to give your photography style an upgrade, here are 5 excellent ideas to make your photos really stand out…

1. Try A New Photography Genre

One of the easiest ways to give your photo skills a style makeover is to try your hand at a brand new photography genre.

If you’re in the habit of taking portrait shots of friends and family members, step out of your comfort zone and give landscape or wildlife photography a go. Pack up your gear and go and explore the beauty of nature and wildlife in the great outdoors. If you’re a confident photographer of breathtaking panoramas, hone your photography skills by capturing candid moments at weddings and social events.

You can also further explore your favourite photography genre by updating your techniques. As a seasoned portrait photographer, you can upgrade your skill by taking snaps of people who are strangers, or by focusing on babies or elderly individuals. Improve your style by creating unique photos that display attractive images that are full of character.

Challenging how you view the world through your camera lens is a way to create unique images. You can use a new shooting angle to give your favourite photography genre subject matter a fresh visual perspective. Once you’ve taken a selection of snaps, you can also be creative about your cropping and presentation.

2. Recreate Iconic Images

As a photography fan, you probably have an array of iconic images that have made you wonder about how they were captured on film. By trying to recreate a favourite photo, you can learn a great deal about the art of photography and which techniques enhance your own style.

Choose an iconic image or subject, and set up the scenery or props to enable you to recreate the photo. Add your own visual modifications and twists, to ensure that the captured image is totally unique, and doesn’t infringe copyright laws. While you’re learning the same skills that the original photographer used, you’ll also be capturing an image that is uniquely yours.

If you’re proud of the results of your iconic recreation, print photo enlargements of your version of the famous photo, with additional shots taken at the shoot. Frame and display the photos on an accent wall, and enjoy the complimentary comments from your family and friends.

3. Make The Most Of The Changing Seasons

The changing of the seasons offers unlimited opportunities for an avid photographer to try their hand at capturing breathtaking and unique photos. Don’t restrict yourself to taking snaps on sunny days. If you want to build an impressive photography portfolio, take advantage of the opportunity to photograph landscapes and scenery in different weather conditions, and from angles that deliver a refreshingly new point of view.

Each season has its own unique palette of glorious colours that you can show off in stunning photo enlargements. Season themed shoots are also good for developing your favourite photography genre. If you love to capture wildlife in natural habitats, you can explore the migration and behaviours of animals throughout the changing seasons.

4. Create A Photo Series

An alternative way of making your photos look unique can be inspired by the method in which you choose to display your work. Instead of taking tons of snaps and filling up the pages of a photo book in a random fashion, you can create a unique photo series arrangement that tells a story.

You can start a photo-per-day project, to highlight a person, place or object that is visually striking and appealing to you, every day. If you want to challenge yourself, and develop your photographer’s eye, commit to creating a photo series that boasts a single underlying theme. Pick a colour or subject matter, and photograph it in a variety of different ways, and at different times of the days. Focusing on a single colour creates shots that are visually consistent and aesthetically pleasing.

Tell a story through a sequence of images that document growth or destruction. Use your imagination to explore the background of a particular image, so that your collection of photos reveals a story when presented in a personalised photo album.

5. Go Poster Size

There are unlimited photo opportunities available for you to practice your skills, and to capture unique images. Think about your personal interests, passions and hobbies, if you need inspiration for something to photograph.

Use new techniques, different lens and lighting to get out of a photography rut, and to produce uniquely creative, striking and eye-catching images that you’re proud of. Play around with reflections to add depth and structure to your cityscape street life photos. Look out for shadows that add an air of mystery and drama to your portraits. Try out different apertures to enhance subject matter or background focus.

Study the composition of the different elements that you can see through the lens. You may spot a detail that is worth enhancing with photo enlargements. Super-sizing your favourite image to poster dimensions is a great way to ensure that your photography gets noticed.

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