Top Tips For Helping Your Child Learn A New Language

Small children are natural learners. They have no fear of making a mistake and it’s, for this reason, that beginning to learn a new language is best done young. Having said that, there’s absolutely no reason to think that older children won’t learn quickly. If there is an interest, then it should always be encouraged

Using play as a learning tool


Play is of course one of the best ways in which young children learn. Begin with basic word games such as counting and singing. Incorporate the second language that you want your child to learn into your child’s daily life.

As you go up or down the stairs, count them in the new language. Sing nursery rhymes in both languages. This is fascinating to children and they love to feel the thrill of understanding as they grasp the meaning behind the new words.

Board games such as snakes and ladders can be played in other languages and again if the game is simple and familiar, children will love to feel that they are managing a game in another language.

Using television, film and animation

Films, television and cartoons can be great teaching aids. Try to find some foreign language shows that your children will really enjoy and they will grow even more comfortable with the language. Here are some extra tips to help your child on the road to their new language:

  • Hire an online language tutor.
    This can really help your child to learn a new language. It is convenient, as you do not have to travel to them and it can fit around your child's day.
  • Hire a bilingual nanny.
    This is a great idea if you can afford it.
  • Learn the language yourself and converse with your child.
    You will have to take the time here to learn the language but it has big rewards.

Children who speak more than one language find it much easier to learn more – the brain is proven to grow in size when exposed to more than one language. As this prep school in Hertfordshire believes, the more cultural activities a child is exposed to, the better!

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