Beautiful Modern Art From Mike At Art Veles House

I've always been slightly jealous of people who can paint. It's such a creative and expressive way of communicating. The best artists have a real talent for their work, with a few brush strokes they can paint such amazing portraits and landscapes of subjects and scenery. One of the best artists I have seen recently is Mike at Art Veles House.

Mike Novikov from Art Veles House is a graduate of art schools in both Milan and London. With his specialist subject being oil paintings, for the last 20 years, he has had clients from all around the world, drawn to his modern portraits of the female form.

His art is painted on cotton canvas or board with oils, and created from high-resolution colour photographs.  Art is very subjective but you can truly see the quality of the work from Mike at Art Veles House. The modern art paintings would look amazing on any wall.

Let's have a look at some of my favourite oil paintings from Mike Novikov from Art Veles House.

This first portrait in oils that I have chosen is very striking. Painted in a soft romantic way, the colours used are warm in tone and the way the light reflects on her face giving a soft focus is truly stunning. The woman's eyes are green and seem to look straight at you. A past commission this work is a true work of art.

The second painting I have chosen, an oil painting of a woman in a red dress, is available to buy from the Art Veles House website. Mike has captured the light well in this painting. The warm light casts a glow on the woman, showing her flowing blonde hair and highlighting her back. She is feminine without having everything on show. The red dress has texture and is flowing and the simple bracelet picks up the light. 

This painting of a woman playing the violin is another favourite of mine. It has a slightly abstract tone, whilst still being a romantic style portrait of a woman. The colours here are cooler, with dark grey tones, purple and white. The woman is looking down, perhaps lost in her music. The painting also conveys movement in the brush strokes that resemble the movement of her bow.

Mike's wants you to feel for his paintings. He says the worst you could feel in indifference. I think he captures women beautifully in his paintings, especially as portraits are hard to paint. Why you may ask? Well, you need to paint an accurate likeness and also, unless otherwise instructed, I personally feel you need to make the portrait flattering, to show that person in the best light, that they must look beautiful or handsome. Most people don't want to see a portrait of themselves or a loved one and pay for the privilege where they don't look the best they can be.  You just know if you commission a portrait from Mike Novikov, he will capture your loved one perfectly. 

Mike ships all around the world, and the most popular sizes of oil paintings are 40cm by 50cm. If you wish to get a quote you can contact Mike on his website Art Veles House. For a portrait of the female form, or a woman portrait I recommend Mike Novikov. 

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  1. I love that first portrait. Mike is really talented

  2. The girl playing the violin is gorgeous. He's captured the movement very well