How To Raise An Optimistic Child

Optimism is a vital attribute for any well-adjusted adult and when it comes to it, any well-adjusted child too. Pessimism isn’t received well in society. It’s something people are suspicious of because they don’t want to be affected negatively by it.

Teaching optimism is something many parents don’t even consider but it can be done and in such a way that your child can carry those positive attributes with them all through their life.

It begins early

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As early as possible and with positive phrases and affirmations. Here are some examples of simple but positive affirmations you can use daily with your child.

What a lovely day! (no matter what the weather)
I feel very happy today!
Isn’t this a nice lunch, aren’t we lucky!
Playing with you is one of my favourite things!

These are all very simple phrases and affirmations but they’re also incredibly powerful. They all help your child to appreciate the small things in life. The weather, a good mood, a nice sandwich – whatever! If you like something, then speak up about it! People love positivity. It’s human nature to be drawn to positive people so help your child to become one of those people.

Dealing with negativity

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By negativity we mean, negative feelings or situations. Sadness, frustration, anger, jealousy and so on. All people experience these feelings, but small children don’t always understand what these powerful feelings are. This can be overwhelming. Therefore, it’s important to name the feelings so your child understands them more. Then teach your child simple acts of self-care to help them combat them. For example. If your child feels sadness for any reason, ask them about things they can do for themselves which might help them feel better.

It could be something simple like picking some flowers, having a hug, or a hot drink. If they are not at home and experience a negative feeling, arm them with some ideas of how they can look after themselves and feel better. Being emotionally strong is a great start to being a positive person.

The ethos at this prep school in Surrey is one that fosters independent, strong-minded and free-thinking children who understand how to work towards goals. Help your child to become the best student and later, the best adult, they can possibly be by teaching them positive thinking techniques.

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