Luxury Italian Wine From Independent Wine

A nice bottle of wine is a little luxury many of us enjoy now and again. If you are looking for some delicious Italian wine for Father's Day or any day, to be honest, then Independent Wine is one such company you should look at. This is an advertorial in conjunction with Independent Wine, but, as always, all thoughts are my one.

Who are Independent Wine? Independent Wine are a company that handpicks the best Italian wine for their customers around the world.  Working directly with the vineyards their wine has excellent flavour notes and they are competitively priced too.

Recently Independent Wine sent me two bottles of wine to review and report back to my readers. Let's have a look at what they are. 

Siddùra Spèra 2019 | Vermentino di Gallura DOCG 

The white wine they sent me was the Siddùra Spèra 2019. This is a fresh bright wine with pale to medium light yellow colour.  This wine is from Northern Sardinia and made with Vermentino, Sardinia's signature white grape. These grapes are hand-picked in a vineyard at the foothills of the mountains in the area, gently crushed and then fermented at a very low temperature to preserve the fresh flavours. 

It's a still white wine with 14% alcohol. We thought it had undernotes of lemon, lychee and pears and some decent flavour - no super light Pinot Grigio here, instead, a lovely rounded wine with a scrumptious flavour.

The next wine I was sent was the Feud di Guagnano Pietrafinita. This is a rich red wine with big bold flavours. This wine is only produced in the best years of the winery and comes from the vineyards with vines that have been established 55 to 60 years ago. 

red wine

The grapes are again harvested by hand so as not to crush the grapes and then they are dried in wooden crates for almost a month, which intensifies the flavours. After drying the grapes are carefully pressed and fermented for two weeks, then it is aged in oak for twelve months and allowed to settle for 6 months to develop the flavour.

red wine in glass

This wine has really rich deep red fruit flavours with hints of blackcurrant, blackberries and dates and an alcohol level of 14.5%. This full-bodied wine has a dry mouthfeel, with the flavours of blackberries lingering long after you have finished the glass. A really delicious wine.

If you are thinking of what to get your dad for Father's Day, a bottle of Italian wine from Independent Wine would make a great gift. They are experts in wine and have a great online wine knowledge base, if you are not sure what to buy too. Why don't you check out Independent Wine for that really good quality bottle and treat yourself or your loved one! 

Let me know, which wine is your favourite?


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