The Benefits Of Music Lessons In Schools

Music is relaxing, stimulating, and creative. It can inspire and uplift as well as improve brain development. Many studies have indicated that music increases the learning capacity of children, but it also improves mental health and neural processing.

Students who regularly engage in music lessons have more developed neural processing skills than those who don’t. Reading comprehension and writing skills are both improved by the study of music.

These are obviously important factors to consider when you begin looking at a school for your child. Choose a school with a dedicated and well-developed music department, a choir, a band and as many opportunities for musical development as possible.

Even if your child is not especially musical, it’s vital that they are exposed to it as much as possible. The talented musicians aren’t the only ones who can benefit from all that music brings!

What if my child doesn’t like the lessons?

piano lessons

Learning a musical instrument takes obvious commitment – this is why many parents are somewhat wary about investing in regular private lessons. It’s not uncommon for children to lose interest and become reluctant to practice but the important thing is that you help them to keep at it.

Explain that the practice is important and if they can reach the next grade, then you will consider letting them change instruments. This can be a good carrot to dangle before a child has lost interest. Even ten minutes per day is good for most children – younger ones particularly as it is often tricky for them to concentrate for longer periods. Ensure your child has a quiet and suitable place in which to practice.

Music enriches a child’s life in multiple ways, reducing stress and anxiety and opening up social opportunities. If your child is particularly interested in music, then you could consider choosing a music preparatory school which is a wonderful way of ensuring their education is enmeshed with the many benefits that music brings.

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