Secrets Unleashed To Preparing The Best Coffee

Are you a coffee lover who cannot spend a day without a sip of coffee? The truth is making coffee is an art. Many workaholics start their day with coffee because they feel that it keeps them energised. However, there are some key secrets to preparing the best cup of coffee. I will talk about them here.

How to prepare the perfect cup of coffee


Firstly the best coffee is prepared from fresh coffee beans. Always grind fresh coffee beans if you want the best.  
The best will be roasted perfectly and not taste bitter. To avoid a bitter taste, then make use of the french press as it helps you to get the right ratio of grounds to water and prepared at the right temperature.

When you are brewing coffee at home, then make sure that you use whole bean coffee. When you grind the beans right before having your coffee, then it will turn out to be more flavourful. The reason is that when coffee beans get roasted, then compounds start to escape from the coffee beans. The process is referred to as degassing. As a result, the coffee starts to lose flavour. 

Grinding your coffee beans speeds up the degassing process. The benefit of the process is that it exposes the surface area of the beans and they will still be able to retain a lot of flavours. If you do have any over keep it in an airtight container and use up quickly.

Always make sure that you buy quality coffee beans. The best will be roasted perfectly and not taste bitter. 

Deciding the appropriate quantity of coffee in your cup is crucial. If you prefer strong coffee, then you will need to add more quantity and for a lighter cup of coffee, the quantity needs to be reduced.

Deciding the best quantity of coffee to use

Now, deciding the right quantity of coffee in your cup can often be a challenge.  You need to consider the ratio of the amount of coffee used to the amount of water used.

For example, for a French press consider a ratio of 1:12. Well, this means that you need to make use of about 35 grams of coffee for about 400 grams of water. I like a dessertspoon of ground coffee per cup for my cafeteria.

Try making use of a burr grinder for grinding coffee

coffee grounds

What you must keep in mind is that a burr grinder plays a crucial role in brewing your coffee. A burr grinder is an old fashioned hand mill. It is made up of two revolving burrs in between which the coffee is ground. The beans are crushed between a moving grinder wheel and a non-moving surface. Try going for a good brand because a grinder is not something which you will buy frequently.

With the help of a burr grinder, it becomes very easy for you to grind the coffee to a specific size. Try going for a grinder that has about 15 different grinding settings so it will be versatile for whatever coffee machine you have.

Occasionally you may fancy a coffee at night but don't want the caffeine hit. Try making a milky latte instead for a coffee hint that won't keep you up all night. 

Don't forget you always have the option to visit the coffee shops in your area or when on vacation. You may be surprised by the quality of their coffee. I find Italy and the Netherlands are great for coffee.  You always have the option to visit a coffee shop Amsterdam if you are out sightseeing for your caffeine fix.

Nurture your love for coffee. Make sure that you follow these tips before preparing your cup of coffee. It's a luxury everyone can afford. You will enjoy it and will become a pro at making coffee by following these tips.


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