5 Ways To Stay Warm And Cosy In Winter

If there is a cold spell where you live at the moment or if you know there is one coming up you may be concerned about keeping warm, especially if you are on a budget. There is nothing worse than sitting in your home in the cold, but with a little preparation you can be warm and cosy and it doesn't have to cost the earth. 

So here are some ideas for home to stay warm and cosy in winter. This is an advertorial.

1. Dress in cosy clothes

So my first tip is dress in cosy clothing. Ensure you have a decent set of thermal underwear. This can be bought quite cheaply from high street stores. If you do not have thermal clothing, don't forget dressing in layers can really keep the warm in. Layer your clothes, vest or camisole, top, jumper, cardigan, and you will be surprised how much that can make a difference. I've just bought some thermal leggings and they are really warm. Don't forget your head and your feet. A cosy pair of women's or men's slippers can keep your feet toasty worn with socks, and a scarf and hat are a great addition to your winter wardrobe.

2. Consider the heating

Ok, heating a home is expensive but there are ways in which you can save on heating. If you have a big house, you could just heat the rooms you are in and turn the radiators off in the other rooms. Stop heat escaping by using draught excluders around your doors, closing the curtains and consider radiator foil. Get the boiler serviced before a cold spell to ensure it won't break down or you could be stuck with an expensive emergency call-out fee and no heating. A portable heater can be bought on many high streets and provides an extra blast of heat on very cold days, worth it though so you don't have to heat the whole house. Prepare in advance and get logs in if you have an open fire, and use on the coldest days. You may get help with heating costs if you are on benefits too so be sure to check your entitlement, and you may get an energy grant for insulation and double glazing depending on where you live.

3. Don't forget blankets

Blankets these days come in many forms including heated blankets, fleece blankets, and weighted blankets. Heated blankets are a godsend in cold weather, just be sure to buy from a reputable company, that it has the UK Safety mark and you stop using it if it showing signs of wear and tear. Weighted blankets are thought to help with anxiety and also promote a deeper sleep so are worth investing in.

4. Personal heating devices

There are today, a number of devices on the market which I would say are personal heating devices or gadgets. These range from traditional devices such as hot water bottles to hand warmers, heat pads and heated jackets. These range in price but a hot water bottle and hand warmers can be bought from as little as £5. The more expensive devices can make a great birthday or Christmas present if you are short of money. I particularly like the sound of heated jackets which can be bought in the sales to keep costs down.

5. Eat and drink warming food

There is nothing better than a warming bowl of soup on a cold day. When it gets cold outside be sure to fill up on hot food and leave the cold sandwiches for another time. Vegetable soup costs relatively little to make, just chop up a load of vegetables, add a stock cube and water and boil until tender. A soup maker can make and blend the soup in no time. Stews are also lovely and warming. Why not invest in a slow cooker for as little as £15? These can make great soups, stews and curries and make cheap cuts of meat tender. A hot chocolate is always nice on a cold day too or even a mug of mulled wine. If you are counting the pennies to payday even a packet soup you can add hot water to or a mug of tea can make the difference to being cold or being warm.

As you can see there are lots of ways to stay warm and cosy in Winter and many don't have to break the bank. Let me know, do you have any recommendations on how to stay warm and cosy in Winter?


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