Day Trips Within Driving Distance from Las Vegas

Visiting Las Vegas is so much fun and there is so much to do right on the Las Vegas Strip, but, if you want to get out of the bright lights for a while, there is plenty of adventure close by too. At the moment many of us can't travel but we can still plan for holidays in the future. So here are two fun-filled day trips just a short distance from Las Vegas when you want to get away from the Las Vegas Strip. This is an ad.

Day 1 – History and Mystery

Get an early head start and drive about 25 minutes southeast toward Henderson, Nevada. There, right in the middle of the arid desert, you'll find a fun open-air museum. The Clark County Heritage Museum is packed full of things to do and experience for kids and adults both indoors and outdoors.

Firstly, inside the Heritage Gallery, find changing exhibits that feature art and artefacts in their historical context. Next, make your way outside to experience the open-air museum which is in the form of a neighbourhood from bygone days. Heritage Street homes offer doorways into past decades, from the 1910s to the 1970s. Stroll through all the town's displays at your leisure.

Walk through live exhibits including a locomotive, a train depot, a working barn, ranches, a church, and more! Nostalgia is a side-effect of this tour, If you are American you're sure to see something that reminds you of grandma's house. Bonus points if you spot a roadrunner zooming around the museum!

What to Pack - Plenty of bottled water and sunscreen. The gift shop has many treasures, so bring some spending money too.

Admission - One dollar for seniors and two dollars for everyone else.

Time  - Allow 2-3 hours to walk through the museum grounds.

Mining for Gold

Next, hop in your car and drive to the Eldorado Canyon pictured above, only 20 minutes south of the Heritage Museum and to the Eldorado Canyon Gold Mine. Here you'll see remnants of a working gold and silver mine. Today, the area around the mine is both a ghost town and an open-air museum ripe for exploring. 

When you arrive, say hello to Bruce and his family. Not only does Bruce own the mine, but he also cleared out this area as a youth and has renovated the land with authentic miners' artefacts. Notably, he is the foremost expert on the mine's history, including true stories of strange happenings surrounding some of the actual miners. Climb through 500 feet of the old mineshaft up in them thar hills. Old-fashioned lanterns light the way. You can even see veins of silver and gold that remain unmined in the rock walls.

What to Pack - Sunscreen and a picnic lunch to eat at the outdoor picnic tables.

Admission - $15/person.

Time - Allow 1 ½- 2 hours.

Day 2 – Wet and Wild

Just a short 20-minute drive south of the Vegas strip, discover one of the area's best-kept secrets, Clark County Wetlands Park. Not only is the 210-acre Nature Preserve trail is a favourite for wildlife viewing, but this lush green oasis is brimming with flora and fauna in a habitat that supports many indigenous plants and animals such as the Northern Flicker woodpecker pictured above. In addition, the Park has miles of walking trails and bike paths along with superb, picturesque scenery.

Since this land is vast and easy to lose your way, markers posted throughout the park guide you in the right direction. Don't forget to spend time at the onsite nature centre and exhibit hall, where the Park rangers often host engaging and interactive programs for all ages. The Park is open from dawn to dusk. There are benches to rest and bathrooms as well.

What to Pack - Bring plenty of water, bug repellant, and snacks.

Admission - Free.

Time - Allow 1-5 hours or more.

Live It Up
The final stop of the day is only a brief 20-minute drive further east to the upscale area of Lake Las Vegas. The upscale Tuscany-style village is filled with lovely boutiques and coffee shops in the centre of town.

While you are there, take a jump in the lake at Lake Las Vegas Resort Aquapark. You can also rent a canopied electric boat or yacht for some alone time with your sweetheart.

After a fun-filled day of water fun, head over to the Westin Lake Las Vegas Resort & Spa by Marriott for dinner and a drink. Unlike some resorts, you don’t have to own a timeshare to stay there, however, if you do sign up to timeshare learn more about timeshare cancellation if you change your mind and read this timeshare cancellation letter guide.

What to Pack - Bathing suits, sunblock, and plenty of cash.

Admission - Prices vary depending on activity.

Time - Any time.

Memories Are All We Have

No matter where you go, or when you go, be sure to go with all your heart. Nothing is more important than making memories with your family. Stay safe. Travel safe.



  1. This is something I would love to do one day, we have always said we will go to Las Vegas one day, and you need a day trip or two as well

  2. I have never really fancied Las Vegas, but my friends went a few years ago and raved about it so much. It has definitely made it to my bucket list. So much more to see than casino's which is what had initially put me off. This is a great post, sounds like some wonderful places to visit x

  3. I loved visiting Las Vegas and a trip to the Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam but wish I had explored further afield. This post has made me want to go out there again! Sim x

  4. Looks like there are some wonderful day trips that you can go on! I'd definitely go on a few of these.

  5. I really want to go to Las Vegas and go there for a few days from California, and the grand canyon x

  6. During our visit to LA last year we drove to Vegas and would have loved to have done some day trips whilst in Vegas.