Moving To London: How To Get Your Property In Shape Quickly

Moving to London is a big deal indeed, and it’s important to stick the landing as smoothly as possible.

According to The Telegraph, there are many people who are looking to move back to London imminently, waiting for their opportunity to come back to the capital. The publication claims that it’s part of a counterculture, but ultimately, people move there as they miss the buzz of a big city and the restaurants and entertainment on their doorstep.  

If you’re following suit, you’ll likely want to make sure that your older property is in good order before you call the place your home, but how can you do this? Read on to find out how. 

Plumbing Efficiency

workman fixing taps

Checking the quality of your plumbing is a great place to start when getting your property into shape.

Check all the taps and try to gauge how fast the water spurts out. Not only this, but you should also determine whether the hot water bursts into life quickly enough too. Any delays or lukewarm temperatures here can be informative of issues with heaters, boilers, and piping.

If you’re living in a South London property where the drains have been blocked by a previous owner, then visit The aptly named Drain Detectives happily deploy engineers to unblock all your drains, review your plumbing, and make any repairs in a timely fashion. They’re available at all times of day and provide free consultation too. Ultimately, this company offer an incredibly generous and convenient service, prioritising speed and efficiency in their work.

Damp Potential

If left untreated, condensation, damp, and mould can cause severe property and health problems.

To combat these three things, ensure that your property is well-ventilated. Open windows and doors, and make sure plenty of air circulates rooms throughout the day. Wipe down windows, and make sure that the corners of rooms are clear for a time if possible. This is because mould can start to develop down there quickly if it goes unnoticed, so just keeping a check on things here is a good idea.

In 2011, there were numerous health fears surrounding mould in London flats, and residents believed it had begun to seriously affect their health. It’s important that you don’t experience the same fate a decade on! While it’s not guaranteed you’ll encounter your own mould problems, properties that have been vacated for awhile can develop these issues, so keep a sharp eye!

Report Cracks and Gaps 

When you’re moving into a new property, it’s important to check the quality of the walls, doors, and flooring.

In Swindon, one council tenant could see daylight through the inch-wide cracks in his walls, and had reported the emergence of each new split. However, the claims of the tenant were largely ignored over a prolonged period, so it’s important that you’re both persistent and vigilant if you find yourself in a similar situation.

Cracks are not only dangerous because of structural damage, but also regarding what they expose too. Electrical wires that were otherwise discretely covered by walls and floorboards start poking out, for instance. Additionally, it’s also possible that insulation can be compromised, with the air from the outdoors freely blowing into the property. Identify any potential cracks and gaps, report them, and get them sealed at the earliest opportunity. Don’t take ‘no’ or ‘soon’ for an acceptable answer.

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