Eating Good (Not Just Well) In A Lockdown

Now that we’re in another lockdown, a lot of us are cherishing the little pleasures in life. For many of us, great food is one of those pleasures. Not just eating healthy, but eating delicious food. Needless to say, restaurant trips have gone out of the window, but those aren’t the only gourmet experiences you can have.

Kit your kitchen out

You might be surprised by just how much a limited set of appliances in the kitchen can limit what kind of meals you can enjoy. A great soup maker can help you quickly and easily put together a starter for any main. A rice cooker makes it exceedingly simple to prepare all kinds of rice without worrying about it being overcooked, and did you know many Chinese people have rice cookers?  A slow cooker is a must-have for things like a great stew, curry or hot pot too. A slow cooker can also save you money as c
heaper cuts of meat can be made incredibly tender in a slow cooker.

Never run out of recipes

Even if you do have your signature dishes, it’s safe to say that you and your family can get sick of eating the same meals, time and time again. The real restaurant experience is about trying new flavours just as much as it’s about eating delicious food. To that end, you should look at some of the great recipes sharing apps out there, that can help you find recipes not only based on preferences but based on what you have in your own cupboards as well.

Know where you can get fresh

Many of us are relying on deliveries to get the food that we need because we need to limit going out as much as possible. Yet it can be hard to get speedy and fresh deliveries from supermarkets. Many can't deliver at short notice too. Instead check out specialist places that can do services like frozen fish delivered to your door, as and when you need them.  If you take the time to look a little more carefully for the fresh food deliveries and don’t just rely on your local supermarket, you will find a lot more options than you might imagine.

Sharpen up your skills

If you’re not as handy in the kitchen as you would like to be why not sharpen up your skills. If you find that you have a little trouble following some of the recipes online, then it’s important to make sure that you’re equipped not only with the right cooking tools for the job, but also the confidence to slice, dice, and simmer as demanded. Take a look at some of the fantastic online cookery courses available, many of them for free with video tutorials. It’s never been easier to pick up a few skills in the kitchen.

If you don’t already have a little experience under your belt, then now is the perfect time to pick up some culinary skills. The results won’t always be pretty, but it’ll be the closest you can get to restaurant-quality food for a while.

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