2021 Home Decor Trends For Kids' Bedrooms

It's always fun to plan a kids room remodel. You can work with your little one to include his or her own style and interests while combining the necessary practicality. This could be your child's room for years to come, so it's worth investing the money, time and effort to create an inviting space.  This is an advertorial.

Be sure to take your child's ideas and opinions into account. Go shopping together or look online for ideas; there are seemingly endless options of designs and furniture styles from which to choose. With a little thought and creativity, you can definitely make your child's bedroom a relaxing, fun and functional space.


A teepee can be a versatile, cosy little spot if there's enough room for one. Teepees can be purchased ready-made, or they can be a relatively simple DIY project for a more custom look. What's more, you can easily match it to the room's theme or colour scheme. It can be used for toy storage (just scoop all the stuffed animals off the floor and into the tent), a play area, or a cosy space for reading. The teepee can be especially fun at night when you include fairy lights, cuddly toys and comfy cushions. This can create the perfect ambience for winding down with a bedtime story each night.


Adding a mural to a child's bedroom is a great way to add a burst of character with a whimsical design. You can purchase a mural made to be applied to the wall similar to wallpaper (some are even removable) or paint your own. A mural can be very versatile, working well with bright or neutral bedroom paint colors. It can be simpler and more cost-effective to have a mural on one wall with the other walls painted in more neutral colours. This design will allow the room to grow with your child.

Treehouse Bed

Every kid loves a treehouse, but most yards aren't adequately equipped for one. It is possible to incorporate a fun treehouse effect in a kid's bedroom, though. All you need is a raised bed, some woodlands- or jungle-themed decorations (e.g., live plants) and some creativity. Your little one will love this hideout during play and bedtime. 

Cabin Beds

Cabin beds for kids are quickly becoming one of the hottest home decor trends for children's bedrooms. Designed to maximise space and provide plenty of storage options, cabin beds are perfect for saving room in small spaces or making a child's bedroom more organised. They are also incredibly versatile and come in a variety of colours and styles, allowing for an array of customization possibilities. Not only do cabin beds for kids look great, but their raised design also provides additional safety and security and ensures children have plenty of room to move around when necessary.


Clutter can be a big problem when you have kids, so sufficient types and amounts of storage are necessary. Numerous storage options allow you to maximize space in the tiniest of bedrooms. Choosing a raised bed or loft is like adding space to a room. You can use the area under the bed for storage, furniture (even another bed), a workspace or a combination. By raising the bed, you're using often unused vertical space. It's easy to find an ideal type of furniture, shelf or container to meet your every need, from clothing to toys to school supplies.

If you're enthusiastic to begin creating your kid's perfect bedroom, search online for a reputable interior designer near me. In the meantime, sit your little one down for some fun time researching different styles of kids' bedrooms.



  1. I love the idea of a teepee for a kids room. It adds such a fun aspect to the decor

  2. What a great idea, buying a treehouse bed, my grandson wold love it.