Easy Ways To Avoid Buying Bottled Water But Stay Dehydrated

Depending on where you are, the tap water may be unsafe to drink. Coupled with the unhealthiness of soft drinks, this has led to a surge in popularity for bottled water. As an unfortunate side effect, over 300 million plastic bottles are used globally per day. When you consider the fact that each plastic bottle takes over 700 years to decompose, it is not such a good sign for the environment. Take a look at these ways to drink more water without buying bottled water. They can make your carbon footprint a lot smaller.

1. Reuse Your Bottle

drinking water

Use a Berkey water filter to purify your drinking water. You can use it to fill a reusable bottle that you can take with you. It is a good idea to keep a bottle on you at all times. Use a stainless steel bottle or an insulated model to keep your drink cool when you're out in the sun. Remember to fill your bottle every morning. Remember to change filters regularly. This will keep your water pure and ensure that there are no contaminants or bacteria in it.

2. Boil Out the Contaminants

If you find that the perfect thing to energize you in the morning is a fresh glass of cold water, boil a kettle or a pot of tap water before you go to bed at night. It will cool down overnight and will be completely bacteria-free. You can drink a glass of the purified water at home and fill a reusable bottle with some to have on the go. If the taste doesn't appeal to you, carry some packets of a flavoured drink mix with you to add to your water.

3. Crack Open a Coconut

If you have the choice between a bottle of water or a coconut, think about enjoying some hydrating coconut water. It can not only keep you hydrated, but it is a delicious solution to your thirst. It also contains numerous benefits for your health. This solution is best to use while you are on vacation. In tropical areas, coconuts are much cheaper than they are in the United States. In many popular tourist destinations, the cost of a coconut (with a reusable bamboo straw) is comparable to the cost of bottled water.

4. Filter Your Water Via Reverse-Osmosis

One of the products that is endorsed by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) is the iSpring. It works to purify and remineralise your water. It will pull all of the minerals out of the water to cleanse them and put then it will put them back again. The osmosis process presses your water through specially designed screens to clear it of contaminants. Drinking demineralised reverse-osmosis filtered water can cause your body to lose nutrients so it is important to get a filter that will provide a remineralisation service.

5. Make Your Water Taste Good

One way to make skipping your regular bottled water easier is to make the alternative irresistible. Try filtering some water at night and mixing in some powdered flavouring or sweetener, or add lemon juice, a slice of lemon and a little sugar.  Not only can this help you drink more water throughout the day but it is a pleasant change from plain water. Canned seltzer is also a popular drink. Cans, while not friendly to the environment, are more amenable than plastic bottles.

6. Invest in a Portable Steriliser

There are many products on the market today that can sterilize your drinking water by using the power of UV rays. The most popular is SteriPen. This portable water sterilizer can give you water that is free of bacteria and other contaminants. It has its own UV lamp that is activated by minerals in the water. Just stir it to destroy the harmful microbes and bacteria. It takes just three minutes to sterilize around 2 cups of water.

Drinking clean water is essential to living. Not only is it important for keeping us hydrated but it can help to strengthen our immune systems and help us stay fit. Unfortunately, clean drinking water is not always available but bottles are so hazardous to the environment. Use these simple tips to help you get potable water whenever you need it. They can make it so that you never feel the need to buy bottled water again.


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