Managing A New Let The Easy Way

If you are a homeowner who has decided to take on tenants, either just a room or a whole house you will have thought about it thoroughly first. But it can take a lot of work to get to the point of handing over the keys. There are, however, some steps to follow to make this change as quickly and painlessly as possible. You may have already spoken to friends and relatives who happen to let out property, but it's never too late to make changes or new plans for the task ahead. So here are a few pointers that will ease you into the process. 

Check Everything

If you have been living in your property beforehand, it might seem like everything is fine since you were managing to stay comfortable and happy there, but being complacent can cause you problems. First of all, you will need to keep a close eye on the utilities and ensure you have an Electrical Safety Certificate; Electrical Safety Certificates are there to not only protect you as the landlord but also keeps the tenants safe.

Safety checks and certification can help you save money as well since you know that you will begin with everything in order. Having a professional watching out for the minor problems helps avoid the larger issues.



Once you know that the property is fit for tenants and you've found someone keen to move in, you should ensure you gain positive references. If you go through an agency, you will find that references are part and parcel of a standard agreement, and they are always a good idea. Many landlords have come unstuck from avoiding this process before now.

These references give you peace of mind that your property is likely to be taken care of carefully. References don't always take the risk away completely, but significantly reduces the chances of disputes further down the line.


Having a team of repair companies and builders that you can call upon when problems arise means that you are much less likely to need to worry about tenants waiting around for repairs. Having this team of people means you are able to rely on the work carried out to be of a high standard and avoid further issues. Sometimes a letting agent will have their own team for you to call upon as well, so it's worth checking.

Usually, these contractors will be checked and recommended by other people, which can save you the trouble. Deciding on whether you use a letting agent and their contractors or using your preferred contacts is your call, but either way making sure you have the best contractors you can find will pay off for you in the long run. Time is money, and the time it takes chasing low contractors can be expensive.

Letting out your property is a daunting task, but if you take some steps to make it easier for yourself, you will find there is a lot less worry and hassle than you imagined. This scenario can be lucrative and straightforward if managed correctly.

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