10 Things to Buy A Colleague Who Is First Time Expecting

If you have a colleague who is expecting for the first time you may want to buy her a gift. There are so many things a baby and mum needs that I am sure that your colleague would be very appreciative. This is an ad.

Firstly you need to assess the situation. Are you buying a gift just from you or from your colleagues as well, are you buying just for the baby or for the mum herself, also what sort of budget is involved and is she is a first-time mum or not? All those scenarios will have implications on what you buy. 

This post is about buying a gift for a colleague who is a first-time mum, however, this post can also be useful if she has older children and hasn't kept the baby items. If she has young kids she may already have many things she needs, so it's good to ascertain her situation especially if you don't know her that well. So onto the gifts. Here I have looked at a range of prices to suit most budgets. Let us begin.

1. Baby Toys

There is a wide range of baby toys available out there. When you buy baby toys for a newborn it's important to make sure that they are suitable from birth, there should be a sign on baby toys that meet safety requirements and show the age the toys are suitable from. Some of the best baby toys are black and white toys as these have been shown to boost babies brain development. 

2. A baby record book

A baby book is a great idea. I still cherish my son's and he's now 24. A baby book allows you to document all the details of your baby's statistics like weight and length and also moments like their first steps. With some, you can also add a lock of hair or baby photos. It's a lovely way to record your baby's details to look back on one day

3. Baby Clothes

When you have a baby one of the first things you think about on their list of needs is clothes. A newborn set of baby essentials is a great gift. If you are not sure if the baby is going to be a boy or a girl a set of clothes in a neutral colour is best. Think vests, baby grows, a baby coat, bootees and more.

4. A photo frame

New parents take photos, lots of photos, so one thing that is always appreciated is a photo frame to display pictures of their newborn. If the baby is newly born and you are buying a gift after the birth, you can get personalised photo frames with the birth time and date on which make a lovely gift. 

5. A baby hamper

baby hamper

A baby hamper is a great present especially if you are collecting money on behalf of a group of your colleagues. It usually has a range of essential items and typically includes baby grows, baby socks, a hat, baby gloves, a toy and more. Often they come presented in a basket or excitingly wrapped too, so it looks an impressive gift. You can even have a personalised baby hamper with the baby's name embroidered on a blanket or baby grow. 

6. Baby blanket

A baby blanket is a great idea as a gift. Babies cannot regulate their heat like you or me, so it's a good idea for a new mum to have a range of lightweight blankets that can be layered up easily and won't overheat the baby. Some can be personalised too making this gift extra special.

7. Spa treatment

woman having a massage

Of course, we shouldn't forget the mum when a new baby comes into her life. She really needs to take care of herself. So what about a spa treatment voucher? A beauty treatment voucher will allow her to have a treatment like a pedicure, manicure or massage and give her some much needed 'me' time.

8. Food delivery voucher

When you are focusing on a new baby, it can be exhausting. With the constant routine of feeding, sleeping, crying and changing it can be easy to forget about yourself and eating nutritionally balanced meals. A food delivery voucher helps take the hard work out of going to the shops and getting the groceries in. Sites like Hello Fresh or Gusto can give you recipe ideas and a fruit and veg delivery from a company like Riverford Organics is a great healthy choice too.

9. Photoshoot

A photoshoot for baby is a lovely way to record memories. Photoshoots can be expensive though so it may be a good choice when you are clubbing together with other colleagues to give a present between you all. Perhaps you can buy the basic package with one photo and then the mum will have the option to buy more photos if needed. 

10. Babysitting 

Every mum needs some time away from their baby. It actually broke my heart the first time I spent an hour away from my son but I knew I needed to as I was going back to work eventually. So what about a babysitting voucher? Mum can then go and do shopping, have a spa treatment, or go out for a meal safe in the knowledge that the baby is being looked after. Babysitting vouchers are affordable too, and you can even offer your services yourself for free.

Of course, you can always create your own mum and baby hamper with a selection of gifts for mum and baby from a company such as The Baby Hamper Company. If you use code HAMPER10 at checkout you will get 10% off.

So here are 10 things to buy a colleague who is expecting for the first times. Let me know if you have any ideas too.



  1. These are such lovely ideas, I still remember the basket of goodies my colleagues bought me when I was pregnant with my eldest, such special memories.

  2. Such lovely ideas! It is certainly not something I have had to think about for a long while, the perks of being self employed! Though the cuddly VW in the picture would be a seriously cute idea for a child, I have to admit, I wouldn't mind it myself! ;) Sim x

  3. These are such great, unique gift ideas that many people over look. I love the idea of a food delivery voucher and also the spa treatment. It's great to get expecting parents something for them as they will always get so much stuff for their new baby.

  4. We've done baby hampers for a few friends before and they always go down well. Otherwise we generally ask what they need as we'd rather club together and buy something practical. Some great options here x

  5. I have done baby hampers because I am never sure of what's the right thing to get so this is useful.

  6. These are some really lovely gift ideas ,‘I would of loved any one of them when expecting the girls

  7. Some great ideas here! I received many of these from the girls at work when I was expecting Jack!

  8. I love these ideas. The baby hampers are a great idea. We put one together for a colleague a little while ago and she loved it.