The Benefits Of Owning A Mobility Scooter

A mobility scooter can be a useful addition to anyone that has mobility problems and there are a number of benefits of owning a mobility scooter. Let's check out what they are. This post is in conjunction with Fenetic Wellbeing, a company providing easy to buy mobility products online.


The convenience of owning a mobility scooter cannot be underestimated. A trip to the shops or a wander around a tourist destination is easy with a scooter. Just pop on your scooter and you will be at your destination in no time. It's convenient having a scooter and it saves time. It also helps ensure that you are independent so you don't have to rely on other people.

Less exertion

A mobility scooter or power wheelchair is great if you have heart or respiratory conditions which means you find it hard to exercise. Less exertion will mean you can comfortably get about if you have a medical condition and not worry about the stress on your body. It is also a bonus to those that are frail or recovering from surgery and thus stops you from relying on others to get you around.


With less exertion, comes comfort. A mobility scooter is great if you find it uncomfortable to stand for a long time, so if you have a distance to travel or have to queue for something this can help your physical comfort. Theme parks will almost always allow you to take a mobility scooter in, so if you are younger and have mobility problems or travelling with older adults then they can come with you too.

Increased independence

A mobility scooter can improve independence tenfold for some people, and can help you stop relying on other people for simple things like getting your shopping, walking your dogs, or going to the Post Office. Whether you have mobility problems or health conditions that can restrict you from getting around, then a mobility scooter can be a huge help. You can also take some mobility scooters on public transport so this is a huge bonus too, allowing you to travel further than your local vicinity. Check out more information on what types of mobility scooters can be taken on public transport.

Prevention of isolation

Due to the ease of getting around, a mobility scooter can help prevent isolation. So many older people (and younger people too) are confined to their homes due to health conditions and a mobility scooter can help them get around once more. Whether you want to meet up with family or friends or visit local community groups, a mobility scooter can help prevent isolation and improve your social life.


Driving around on a mobility scooter can be fun! Mobility scooters are powered by electricity and can be quite sporty. There are even scooters that come with interchangeable coloured panels. A mobility scooter can be a fun way of getting around that's for sure.

From increasing independence to prevention of isolation, a mobility scooter can be a worthwhile purchase as you can see. If you are thinking of getting a mobility scooter, check out the mobility scooters from Fenetic Wellbeing.

Let me know, have you ever used a mobility scooter? Have you or anyone you know considered buying one?



  1. I think mobility scooters look great! I love how they just really open up life again to people with mobility issues and I agree, they do look fun.

  2. I have seen many people using mobility scooters all of different styles and sizes. It's great that these people can have independence by using them to go shopping and doing daily chores that they would otherwise have to ask for help for transport to get around.

  3. My mum is refusing to use one at the moment, but I think it would really help her as her mobility isn't great since she broke her leg

  4. I've never used one but considering looking into getting one for my Nan. She is really struggling to get around now

  5. I am sure that a mobility scooter will come in very handy for those in need. Much easier if required x

  6. I think they are a must for some people who probably wouldn't get out at all without them! Love the photograph of the lady with the two Irish wolfhounds, so sweet! :)

  7. Mobility scooters are so wonderful for those with mobility issues, disabilities or the elderly! They provide such valuable independence!