Different Stones That Complement Silver Accessories

Gold jewellery isn’t solely the priority in every woman’s jewellery collection these days. Sterling silver is highly fashionable and affordable too and to add beauty to silver jewellery, you could consider silver jewellery enrobed with gemstones. Let's find out why.

The beautiful thing about sterling silver jewellery is that it’s highly adaptable and can go with many different precious stones, it is very affordable and it can be worn with a variety of fashion looks.

Whether you are wearing a precious diamond or stunning coloured gemstone, there are various factors to consider when shopping around. Silver By Mail earrings are adorned with stunning gemstones of different colours, cuts, carats and clarities. For example, you can discover Cubic Zirconia, Pearl, Opal and Turquoise to name a few, to add to your current collection and create a new dimension to your jewellery.

Stones that look good on silver jewellery 

When looking at coloured gemstones, it’s important to consider the depth of colour, the hue, and the clarity. When a stone has a stunning colour that really stands out, the other elements can be somewhat overlooked. Here are some of my top recommendations as far as coloured gemstones and sterling silver are concerned. 

Emeralds - Shades of emeralds are loved for their gorgeous hues and really complement sterling silver jewellery. Consider light green emeralds for a spring fashion look. As emeralds are expensive stones, you normally get emeralds set in gold so if you find an emerald silver ring then snap it up as they are rare.

Pearls - Pearls on silver jewellery have a classic and elegant look. They are timeless and will always go down a treat whether you are purchasing it as a gift or for everyday wear. These can be dressed up and dressed down as they look formal with some outfits and casual with others but either way, are wonderful additions to any look. 

Sapphires - Sapphires actually come in a range of colours but blue sapphires, in particular, match well with silver jewellery. Some of the most highly valued blue sapphires are velvety blue to violetish blue in colour and of asymmetric design. Again sapphires are often set in gold as they are a precious stone highly valued. If you find a sapphire and silver ring, the stone will be more natural and not as polished often but that can add to its beauty and charm.

Turquoise - these are absolutely stunning on a silver bracelet, necklace or earrings as the blue/green shade really stands to the front and commands attention. This eye-grabbing colour can complement a mixture of sterling silver items. 

Top Tip: Remember to always have one colour that is dominant. Coloured gemstones can be a striking addition to any look, and if you wear jewellery with different coloured gemstones they may compete for attention, so the overall look can become confused. You need colours to work together properly to have the desired impact. So as long as you don’t have a shade fighting for first place, then this will create the right impact and perception of your silver jewellery.

As you can see, there are plenty of beautiful gemstones that work wonders with silver jewellery. What's your favourite gemstone?

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  1. These are beautiful options. Being from the US Southwest I grew up seeing the lovely turquoise and silver pieces created by the Native American tribes in the area and now I see why the combination is timeless and just beautiful. xx

  2. Emeralds are some of my favourites as I love how vibrant the green colour can be x

  3. I think the Sapphire really makes both the silver and the actual blueness of the stone really stand out, more so than with Emeralds x