How To Remove Vomit From Upholstery and Carpets

Upholstery cleaning is often a laborious process that requires a certain amount of knowledge and plenty of time. However, there is a special type of pollution, which is not easy to cope with. This is sick or vomit - the mere mention of which causes most of us to cringe with disgust. However, those who have small children in their families, or pet owners often have to face the problem of how to clear up vomit on a frequent basis.

How to save upholstered furniture from vomit

Even adults are not able to prevent the consequences of vomiting. If you have had food poisoning you may know what it's like, and many of us can recall, when you get to my age, at least one night where you or your friends have drunk too much and ended up being sick everywhere. Therefore, it is useful for all adults to know how to remove stains from vomiting from upholstered furniture. The unpleasant smell and mess on the furniture upholstery, carpet or clothing will have to be cleaned up quickly to remove the smell. So let's look at how to do it.

How to remove vomit

Initially, the remains of vomit should be removed from the surface of the sofa, chairs, using paper towels, toilet paper, or rags.

After that it is necessary to use a damp sponge, gently washing away any residual dirt. Don't use hot water to remove spots from vomiting because it: 

  • promotes the penetration of vomit deep into the fibres of the upholstery and the filler of the sofa;
  • at high temperature provides protein folding, so it will be more difficult to wash off such dirt from the upholstery;
  • provokes the spread of the smell

For upholstery cleaning from vomit, it is recommended to use cold or slightly warm water. If it is impossible to overcome squeamishness, then you should generously sprinkle on cat litter, which perfectly absorbs not only the liquid of vomit, but also the unpleasant aroma emanating from it. After soaking, the resulting substance can be gently sweeped onto a scoop, and the rest removed with a vacuum cleaner.

Bicarbonate of soda is also reported to work well to help neutralise the odour. Sprinkle the area liberally and leave to absorb the smell for a few hours, then vacuum away.

For the upholstery cleaning process you can also use salt, which also absorbs moisture well and contribute to the elimination of pollution.

How to eliminate the smell of vomit from furniture or carpet?

You can buy special cleaners with bio enzymes which will help eliminate the distinctive smell of vomiting on the couch, sofa or carpet. If you can't find them in your local department store you will be able to find them online on Google shopping. These include carpet cleaners which act as stain removers and are able not only to eliminate the trace of vomit on the upholstery but also to neutralise the stubborn smell. 

To neutralise the unpleasant "aroma", in the air you can use the air fresheners with odour neutralisers, and these you should be able to find in any supermarket.

A real salvation for people trying to remove the persistent acrid smell of vomiting from furniture, are the professional upholstery cleaning services that you can get.  Prolux Cleaning experts work with the most powerful eco-friendly cleaners by Prochem, which not only will cope with the problem but also will do it in the safest way possible. Prolux Cleaners are well known for their reliability and professional attitude towards work.



  1. OMG, I always use hot water - thanks for this. Will definitely change the way I clean up now

  2. You're absolutely right, it's such a pain to remove vomit whether it's from pets or kids. I have always struggled with the scent so it's good to know what to use. x