Slay Your Way: 5 Fashion Accessories That Would Fit Your Outfit

Matching accessories to an outfit is a great way to update your look, and give life to a boring outfit. Pairing accessories to an outfit is one of the best ways to look chic and glamorous too. You just need to know how to mix and match for you to be able to achieve this.

Wearing accessories such as watches, necklaces, and belts can help make your outfit look classy, modern and fashionable. If you want to keep up with the latest fashion trends check this list of 5 fashion accessories that would fit your outfit.

Leather boots for cold weather 

Leather boots are one of the most sought after fashion accessories anyone can wear.
 Leather boots add some class to a look and are long-lasting, that’s why a lot of people search for a good looking pair to match their outfit when autumn comes. Casual outfits will instantly look chic once you pair it with these type of boots. 

Mostly worn during the autumn and winter season as a protection for the coldness, leather boots are great paired with jeans, skirts and casual dresses.

Belts can help

Adding a belt to your outfit can make or break a look. As well as being a useful accesso
ry by tightening loose clothing, a stylish belt can also really add to your look, adding a pop of colour and emphasising your waist.

Choosing the right type of belt to be paired with an outfit is not that hard, you just need to make sure that it will blend well with the rest of the clothes you’re wearing or contrast effectively.

A watch can add class

If you want to keep track of time and look luxurious at the same time, then you should consider buying a nice looking timepiece. Adding a watch to an outfit, especially a well designed stylish watch, can give a luxurious and classy look.

There are a lot of watches that will blend well with any outfit. Omega Speedmaster, for example, is one such watch that can be worn during formal events such as birthdays, meetings, and dates. 

Mini bags are chic

Bags are an essential accessory and most women use them on a daily basis, storing important items like phones, makeup, and your purse. However, using a bulky bag can ruin a woman's look. For a chic stylish appearance consider using one of the mini bags on the market now. 

Whether made of a colourful material or natural soft leather, mini bags are a great accessory, you only need to check out Instagram for photos of bags like this. 

Shawls and scarfs for warmth 

If you’re planning on going out on a chilly night, you better make sure that you have your scarf/shawl with you. This kind of accessory in particular not only helps you keep warm but it can also add beauty to the outfit you’re wearing. Wearing accessories such as this can also make a plain and boring dress look elegant.

Shawls are also known to be one of the trendy accessories perfect for autumn/winter. You can start collecting different designs so that you’ll have plenty of options when you’re planning on going to a certain event.


Wearing accessories can complete a look and adds personality to an outfit. If you want more tips on how to match a certain accessory to an outfit, you can consider having a style makeover in your local department store.

Let me know, what your favourite accessories are.


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