Keeping Eyebrows Looking Good

Are you a perennial tweezer who can’t go to the bathroom without stopping by the mirror for a few plucks? Or are you someone who is always keeping tabs for any slight sign of a hair starting to grow around your arch?

If you’re someone who has to take care of their eyebrows and fears misshapen brows (or the dreaded monobrow), you’ll know all about the various eyebrow treatments out there that offer solutions to keep your brows in check. And if you’re someone who doesn’t know that much but thinks it’s about time to start taking better care of your eyebrows, here are some of the ways you can keep eyebrows looking good with minimal effort.

Eyebrow Threading

It can be daunting the first time you’re in the chair for eyebrow threading and have a stranger lean right above your eye with a big piece of thread all taut. Threading is excellent as it is swift and gets to work on big areas of hair with ease. If you’re someone who is quite bushy above the brow, threading is great at clearing it all up.

One big thing to know about though if you’ve never had threading done before; your eyes will water uncontrollably. It won’t be from any pain but simply from having to pull your eyelids in different directions.

Also, your brow area will be very red afterwards, so just know that you’ll look flushed even after the cooling gel (usually Aloe Vera) is rubbed in.

Semi-Permanent Makeup

The idea of getting permanent eyebrow makeup is quite daunting due to how long it lasts. Tell me you can get semi-permanent eyebrow makeup that leaves brows looking fantastic for a year, and it might just take my fancy.

I always thought the treatment was straight-up tattoos on the face, but it doesn’t seem to be the case at all. This type of eyebrow care, according to UK clinic Snowberry Lane, “distributes pigment just beneath the surface of the skin…not as deeply as traditional tattooing”.

I could see it being beneficial for anyone who has always had thin eyebrows (or a high arch) and is looking to achieve a fuller brow which is more in style right now. It’s also very hassle free considering you only need one treatment and it usually lasts a year.

Eyebrow Extensions

Having a fuller brow is on-trend right now, but many people are just too impatient to let their brows grow out. You can cheat a little by getting eyebrow extensions which work in the same way as eyelash extensions.

The treatment will usually involve a therapist outlining what your brow would look like before filling in gaps and glueing hairs in place. The only downside to the treatment is that the effects wear off after about a fortnight, so you’d need to get regular top-ups.

Teach the gents!

We all know a man with a bushy brow or a monobrow that is just dying to be plucked at. Eyebrow care is something of a taboo for men who may not even own tweezers or know where to start, but all it takes is a few minutes to help any man gain control and know what to do.

If you’re a gent reading this and wondering what you need to do so that your eyebrows look amazing, follow these tips:

  • Use your nose as a guide for where your eyebrows should start/finish. Point straight up from the bridge on either side (using a comb) to see where they should start, and then from your bridge diagonally to see where they should end
  • Always pull the skin when plucking hairs – it’ll hurt less
  • Brush up! – If you have a beard comb or fine comb, brush your eyebrow hair straight up. Any that are too long will shoot right up. You can grab some scissors and trim them without the need to pluck

If you think your man has brows that need attention, buy them their own eyebrow kit with brush, tweezers and scissors. When they have their own stuff (instead of rummaging in your drawers) they’ll be more likely to have a go.

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  1. I want to try threading but I am thinking it will be painful.