5 Tips On How To Care For Your Hair Extensions

Do you already have hair extensions or are you planning to buy them? Well, it is important to know how to take care of your hair extensions to prolong their life, after all, they can be expensive to buy and have fitted.

Taking care of hair extensions is just like taking care of your natural hair! You need to frequently shampoo, condition and apply serums to your hair. You should treat your hair extensions with utmost care just like you do for your natural hair. If you take care of your hair extensions, you extend their shelf life and maintain the quality of your hair extensions

Here are 5 tips on how to care for your hair extensions:

Brush gently

If you’ve hair extensions made up of natural Remy hair or human hair, it is essential to brush your hair extensions regularly. However, you should brush your hair extension with a professional brush to avoid breakage and tangles in your hair, or try a special hair detangling brush. You should brush your hair gently so that it doesn’t stress the hair bonds leading to hair breakage and tangles. Never pull your hair while untangling them as it results in breakage and degraded quality.

Treat your hair extensions like you treat your natural hair to extend their life. Remy couture hair extensions are some of the best quality to apply to your hair.

Shampoo your hair on a regular basis 

Your natural hair needs shampooing frequently and your hair extensions once a week. Choose a shampoo which is gentle and is not at all harsh. A gentle shampoo does not strip the hair of natural oils and maintains your hair's texture. Shampooing your hair extensions is a normal hair care routine which you ought to follow to keep your hair extensions healthy. You should wash your hair gently as it does not spoil the hair extensions’ natural texture.

You should use a shampoo which does not contain mineral oil, sulphates, parabens, alcohol or other harmful chemicals.

Condition your hair often

A nourishing leave-in conditioner makes your hair extensions remain soft, silky and smooth. The conditioner helps maintain the texture of your hair. Instead of applying an ordinary conditioner, you can choose a nutritive conditioner which is made specially to condition your hair extensions. Apply the conditioner in a downwards direction to make your hair look amazing. You can also use a detangler to make your hair tangle-free.

A leave-in conditioner makes your hair extensions remain healthy. Regular application replenishes essential nutrients which makes your hair appear nourished and rejuvenated.

Allow your hair extensions to dry naturally 

It is a proven saying by hair experts that you should not use blow-driers or heat styling methods to dry your hair extensions. The artificial hair drying methods weakens the bond between your strands and makes it prone to breakage and fall. Excessive curling or blow drying will eventually degrade the quality of your hair extensions. It is of utmost importance that your hair extensions should dry naturally and not with any artificial means.

Avoid the use of blow-driers, straighteners,and  curlers frequently on your hair extensions as these methods lay stress and strain on the bonds of hair extensions strands.

Avoid products that contain alcohol or sulphates

Products that contain alcohol and sulphates are extremely harmful and it is often advised not to use them on your natural hair. On the other hand, hair extensions require extra care because they do not get nutrients from your scalp. Products containing alcohol or sulphates make your hair extensions dry and coarse. These ingredients also weaken the bond between your hair strands and deplete the quality of your hair extensions.

These were 5 essential tips on how to take care of hair extensions. If you follow these tips you will make the hair extensions last longer and ensure their health. After all, hair extensions are an excellent way to really transform your look, making you feel confident and beautiful, whatever the occasion.

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  1. What a fantastic post!:) Thank you for this post.

  2. These are are great tips! We’ve never had hair extensions before and am very intrigued! Know lots of people that have them though!

  3. I've not had hair extensions before, these are good tips for looking after them! I avoid products containing alcohol and sulphates to look after my curly hair, they're so drying!
    Emily from http://emilyunderworld.co.uk x

  4. I've never had hair extensions but love the idea of them so it's great to know what's involved. Thank you!

  5. I used to use clip in extensions and felt a million dollars in them, I'd love to get something more permanent

  6. I have no hair extensions before, these are good tips for taking care of them! I avoid alcohol-containing products and sulfates to take care of my curly hair, it's so dry!Thanks for these tips!