Why You Should Take Vitamins And Minerals And Win Epsilon Life Multivitamins Ends 11/11

Vitamins and minerals are essential to how the body performs and your overall health. These important nutrients have a whole host of functions and many of us get the vitamins and minerals we need from our food, but if we can't or need some extra health insurance then a vitamin and mineral supplement is a good idea. 

Let's look at the benefits of taking a vitamin and mineral supplement, who should take them and how you can win some! This post is in collaboration with Epsilon Life, a small family-run health care company based in London. All the vitamins they sell are made in the UK and are of the highest grade. Check them out if you are looking for vitamins or minerals to supplement your diet.

Why should you take vitamins and minerals?

Vitamins and minerals are essential to the body's performance, and if you become deficient it can manifest itself in a number of illnesses or conditions. 

Here are some common deficiencies and how they show in the body.

Vitamin D deficiency - muscle weakness, bone loss, hair loss, muscle pain, rickets
Vitamin A deficiency - dry skin, dry eyes, night blindness
Iron deficiency - tiredness, weakness, pale skin, cold hands and feet, impaired brain function
Calcium deficiency - confusion, weak and brittle nails, muscle cramps, rickets, osteoporosis
Folic acid deficiency - tiredness, weakness, headaches, palpitations, behavioural disorders

This isn't an exhaustive list just a guide to what a deficiency could cause. If you are having any of these symptoms it's important that you visit your GP to get checked out in the first instance. Also, seek out food containing these vitamins and minerals. However, if you know your diet is lacking in one area then it's worth considering taking a supplement to help prevent these illnesses.

Who should take vitamins and minerals

Some people like to take a regular vitamin and mineral supplement as an 'insurance' that they are getting what they need. Also, there are certain groups of the population that should also look into taking a vitamin or mineral supplement. Some of these people are below.

Women with excessive bleeding during menstruation
People with a diet that is very restrictive
Children especially those who do not eat a range of food
The elderly especially those with chronic illness
People who have lost their appetite
People on very low-calorie diets
Vegetarians and vegans that may be new to this lifestyle
Illegal drug users
People with malabsorption problems

Pregnant and breastfeeding mums should take a supplement specially formulated for pregnant and breastfeeding mums. Breastfeeding mums could also try this lactation product from www.lovemajka.com. It will really help every mother in their milk production.

How you should take vitamins and minerals

It's important to always read the information about the supplement you are taking and never take more than the recommended dose. 

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding always check that the supplement you are taking is suitable for you and your baby. Women who are considering becoming pregnant should also take folic acid as it as been shown to help prevent spina bifida. The NHS advises pregnant women to not take any vitamin A supplement as it could harm your baby. Read the NHS advice on vitamins and minerals in pregnancy here.

Most vitamins and minerals are meant to be taken on a daily basis. It is recommended to take them at the same time once a day so that you remember. Some vitamins are recommended to be taken with food but others should be taken on an empty stomach. That is why it is always important to read the label. Always store vitamins and minerals in a cool dry place to prevent the tablet degrading.

Epsilon Life multivitamin complex

Epsilon Life multivitamin and mineral complex provides all your recommended daily allowance of essential vitamins and minerals in one tablet a day. They sent me a three month supply and this is what I thought.

Firstly I was pleased to see that the tablets are suitable for vegetarians. I think this is so important in this day and age, and who wants to take gelatin that is in some gel tablets anyway? Secondly, the tablets are shaped so that they are easier to swallow than round tablets. Thirdly the GMP symbol was reassuring, this means it has a Good Manufacturing Practice symbol which means it is manufactured to quality standards. Finally, it's handy to have just over a three months supply in one bottle, as the bottle has 100 tablets.

I have been taking the tablets for a week now and I feel my skin has improved slightly with less breakouts. Of course, you are not going to immediately feel like superman, but the reassurance that you are taking everything you need in a tablet is great!

You can find Epsilon Life multivitamin complex tablets on Amazon, and priced at £13.99 I think they are well-priced too.

On the blog today you can have the chance of winning a winter's worth of multivitamins and vitamin D3. Enter below for your chance to win, and good luck!


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