Common Expenses To Have A Plan For

It is hard to save money. Many of us are paying more in bills and our paychecks are not growing. However, it is still important for you to try to save money for a rainy day and an emergency fund is a great idea to cover unexpected costs.

There are several things that you will need to plan for.

Car Repairs

Chances are your car is one of your most important possessions. You need it to get just about everywhere. That is why if it breaks down, then it can create a major inconvenience for you. Fortunately, if you budget for car repairs, then you can get it repaired quickly.

There are also other things that you can do to protect your car and reduce the need for repairs. You can keep your car functioning properly for a longer period of time by getting regular maintenance. You can also protect your car by driving safely.

Many people take out a cash advance when their car breaks down. Turning to loan advance companies for quick cash is a convenient option in this situation, but it shouldn’t become a recurring solution to chronic car problems. You’re much better off saving your money for a down payment on a newer vehicle with less mileage

Home Repairs

Your home appliances are guaranteed to break down at some point. Structural components like the roof and foundation can also fail over time. It is a good idea to set aside at least one per cent of your income for getting home repairs done when necessary. You should also follow up on home maintenance on a regular basis.

Unplanned Travel

A vacation is something that you typically plan for in advance. However, there may be times when you have to go out of town on short notice. For example, you may have to travel due to an illness or death in the family. This is not something that you can really plan for. Sign up to hotel loyalty schemes that will give you a free stay is one way of dealing with this but if you don't have enough points, your emergency fund can also help in these circumstances so set aside some money for it.

Pet Emergencies

If your pet is seriously injured or ill, then the cost will likely be the last thing on your mind. However, the massive cost is something that you will be faced with after the emergency is over. Consider paying into a pet insurance scheme to cover these costs, alternatively saving an amount for unexpected bills is a good idea so you are not hit with a massive bill if your beloved pet gets ill.

Health Care Bills

We are lucky in the UK that we have the NHS, but if you want to go private, health insurance is designed to cover your doctor's visits, prescription medication, and hospital stays. If you don't have this cover you may have to wait a long time to be seen by a specialist. Check out a site like 
Accendo Medicare supplement if you live in the US. Paying to go private is an option and having an emergency fund to do this is another good idea if you don't want to go down the health insurance route.

Funeral costs

As we get older this is one thing that we need to think about - the funeral costs. With the average funeral running into thousands then having a lump sum set aside for funeral bills means our loved ones won't have to worry about this expense at this distressing time.

Life can sometimes hit us with things that we do not expect. However, if you can plan for unexpected emergencies, then it will be easier to deal with them. Pet emergencies, unplanned travel, home repairs, car repairs, and medical bills are some of the things that you will need to plan and save up money for.

Let me know, do you have an emergency fund?

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  1. I totally agree that you must keep aside for thta rainy day when an emergency crops up and you need to have money to fund that unexpected cost. Budgting is always a good idea.

  2. I've always had money saved for a "rainy day" (unexpected bills). I keep trying to install this into my daughter's head, but money seems to slip through her fingers. Maybe one day.

  3. I don't currently have an emergency fund as we're saving for home renovations when we buy next year. When we're moved in and settled I am going to make sure we have an emergency fund x