5 Hacks to Secure Your Business Fast

There has been lots of talk around business security recently, particularly with the number of cyber attacks on the rise. In fact, leading insurance provider, Hiscox, estimates that approximately 65,000 cyber-attacks are carried out each day in the UK. However, your business also faces other threats, particularly from burglars and vandals. Research has shown that each burglary costs a business around £2,000. This is a lot of money for any business to recover. 

To help keep your business safe, here are five security hacks you can quickly implement:

Install CCTV

It once was costly to install surveillance cameras, however, developments in technology have reduced the cost of buying and installing surveillance systems. The type of system you’ll need will depend on the size of your premises, but you should look to install them at all entry and exit points. If you have a staff car park or if you store vehicles on-site you should have cameras in these areas as well.

Invest in an alarm system

An alarm system acts as the first line of defence against theft and vandalism. There are several types of alarms available including intruder alarms, access control systems - which enable you to control who has access to your premises, to alarms that send alerts to the police when they are triggered. A Verisure smart alarm is one of the great options. Picking the right alarm for your business will depend on your requirements and your budget as the more sophisticated they are the more they cost.

Protect the perimeter of your business

Having security measures on the perimeter of your business is just as important as protecting your premises, as the more difficult you make it for someone to get access to your site, the less damage they can do. A tall, sturdy fence is a good deterrent to burglars and vandals. While gate barriers will restrict access to people who are only authorised to be onsite.

Store valuable data off-site

Your business will be a target for burglars if they think you store valuables like cash or assets or tools or materials on site. If you have to keep some valuables (particularly cash) on the premises, make sure it’s only small amounts and that it is locked away in a safe. You may not think it but ‘data’, especially people’s personal information can be extremely valuable. So, if your business is in an industry that requires you to store data, holding it on secure external servers will make it harder for hackers to steal it.

Have a lock-down plan

A lock-down is a procedure that is used when the occupants, such as your staff or customers are faced with an immediate threat. The plan outlines the steps you’ll take to keep everyone safe and it should include details on how the doors and windows should be locked, where occupants will gather and who will be responsible for contacting the emergency services.

Any disruption to your business, be it from someone trying to break in or an online cyber-attack, costs you money. These ideas will help to keep yourself and your employees safe and also protect your premises from damage or theft.

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  1. Lots of really good advice in this post - it's so important to look after your business!

  2. My sister works in cyber security and she's always telling me of the latest hacks! Keeping everything secure is so important.