Improving the Exterior of Your Home

It’s worth remembering that you can add significant value to your home when improving the exterior of your home, but the work must be carried out to a high standard. However, there are certain home improvement projects that can add significantly more value than others. For example, these might include painting, rendering or even a new roof.

Whatever project you choose to undertake, it’s always best to walk the exterior of your home and adopt a different perspective, providing you with a more objective approach as to which changes should be made to the outside of the building in particular. You should consider exactly which parts of the house should be remodelled to add greater curb appeal.

Changing the Colour

Selecting a different colour scheme is probably the easiest way to transform the exterior of the house. Select colours that blend in with the overall theme of all the other houses in the neighbourhood. This does not mean your house has to completely blend in with everyone else’s, but you should be sympathetic to the overall colour scheme involved. If you are a bit more daring, then you can always opt for a series of complementary colours which can add an instant dramatic effect without being over the top in-your-face. Even a more mundane neutral colour can be accented with bright or dark complementary shades to achieve a bold yet not overpowering effect.

Monocouche Render

Monocouche render companies render your home with a type of decorative finish applied to the outside of your home. They are modern single coat renders which can be applied by hand or machine. Derived from the French and meaning mono or single layer. They can add a touch of class to your property providing both decoration and weather protection.

Wall rendering specialists at Sydney Rendering Pros added, "Monocouche render is a very durable and long-lasting material that can protect your home from all weather conditions. These renders are available in different colours and textures, so you will be able to find the perfect colour for your home. The installation of monocouche render is usually quick and easy, depending upon the size of your property. It is also a cost-effective option and can add value to your home."

Roofing the House

It may be that the only thing that needs to be done to the exterior of your home is simply to have it re-roofed. This can (and should) be done by professionals, such as those Minnesota roofing contractors from Perfect Exteriors, or another more suited to your local area. This particular change has the ability to alter the overall impact of the exterior of the home by selecting different roofing materials. For example, if the house has a shingle roof then why not consider a metal roof or architectural tile. Beware though, because before heavier roofing material (such as concrete tile) can be installed on an existing home, the roof system should be surveyed to ensure it can handle the load, and this can add significant cost to the overall project. This is again why professionals should be used in order to use their expertise to make the best decision.

Decorative Touches

Adding shutters or window trims also makes a dramatic impact on the aesthetic quality of the exterior of the home. Painting the porch might be all that is needed to add a decorative style to the front of the house, whereas, removing a clutter of landscaping, shrubs and bushes can quickly transform a garden and require nothing more than a bit of hard work to increase the value of your house.

There are many ways to improve the exterior of your home and help add value to it. The range of home improvement projects falls between easy do-it-yourself jobs and ones that require the skills of a skilled tradesmen or contractor.

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  1. I can't wait until I have a house exterior to work on as I'm in a flat at the moment and don't have the choice in a lot of the ways it looks x

  2. I can't wait to have my own home so that I can decorate it however I want!

  3. Our home looks a bit ugly from the outside, but I wasn't bothered by it. I mean how long do you spend outside looking in. Also I think it meant it was a bit cheaper than other (smaller) houses in our area.