How The Dating Scene Has Changed

Over the last thirty years, the dating scene has changed dramatically. In the olden days, if you didn't meet your partner in school, college or the workplace you took your potluck at the local bar or nightclub, you locked eyes over the room in a hazy mist of alcohol and the rest, as they say, is history. Alternatively, you were set up by friends who sometimes made a good choice but more than often didn't. A blind date was particularly scary, and as you sat by the bar with a newspaper in your hand to identify yourself, trembling with anticipation, you only hoped that the neanderthal that just turned up wasn't him (or her).

Another way to meet people was from the local adverts in newspapers and part of the fun was deciphering your potential date from the abbreviations. Did you want a date with a GSOH (Good Sense Of Humour), or one looking for an LDR (Long Distance Relationship), and if you got your BBW mixed up with your B&D you would have been in for a big surprise?!

Then the Internet age happened and online dating combined with apps made dating easier. The dating scene today has made hooking up easier than ever but is that a good thing?  You can meet a wide range of cultures and ethnicities from Brazilian women, Latino men and Japanese women which means it's easier to meet up with other cultures if they are not close to you.  There are some huge plus points but big pitfalls too. This can make dating exciting but scarier than ever before. 

Let's look at how the dating scene has changed today.

Online dating is mainstream

There used to be a stigma attached to meeting your date online. Not anymore. People meet online on social networks, on professional sites and on dating sites and no one bats an eyelid. Attitudes have changed immensely and the overwhelming majority of Americans in a survey in 2016 felt meeting people online was a good thing. 

The ease of online dating is a huge plus point. You can live anywhere in the world and connect with people via the internet and this is especially brilliant if you are isolated due to location or circumstance. However this opens up a huge choice of potential partners, so you definitely need a plan or you will become overwhelmed.  

Many online sites have matching algorithms to help you find your potential partner. By answering some questions, the people search algorithms can advise you on who would be a good match. Matching can help you avoid those people who you will not click with, however, remember the phrase 'opposites attract.  Algorithms are never perfect however and don't take into account chemistry.  

Online dating can be open to scammers so security is important. Make some basic checks on the person you want to meet to avoid 'catfishing'. Catfishing is where someone creates an online persona to lure someone into a relationship. To help avoid this, ask some personal questions, do a quick Google search or use an advanced people search tool for more extra information, and trust your gut instinct.

Apps are where it's at

Of course as well as online dating, mobile apps have revolutionised the dating scene. Sites that allow you to swipe right often mean you are considering meeting your match on a mobile app.

There are obvious pros and cons to using apps for dating. For people with busy lives, it's an easy and quick way to check out potential partners. It also has many of the benefits of internet dating such as connecting to people from all locations. Many internet dating sites have appropriate apps too so you can harness the functionality of these sites with a click from your phone.

With the ease of signing up, as with Internet dating you do need to check people out thoroughly, to ensure they are who they say they are.

Consider a unique site

There are dating sites out there for people with specific interests, lifestyles, ages and religions too. Sites for geeks, sites for vegetarians, sites for professionals, sites for Christians, and much more. Common interests in the first place can be a great way of meeting people. Then the hard work starts by building a relationship. 

There are sites for older people and senior dating is much easier with sites like that focus on those in their 40s to 70s and even older. Don't forget people like me, in their 40's and 50's grew up with the internet and many people much older use computers every day too.  Online dating through these sites is just another way of accessing people with like-minded interests of a certain age group and are perfect for those going through a divorce or who have lost a loved one. 


With all types of dating, the initial emails, conversations online, on the phone or texts may make that initial connection but sooner or later you will want to meet. This is a person you have never met, so take some simple precautions. Try to talk to them on the phone or via video chat first. If they refuse then it's obviously a red flag.

Always meet in a public place and tell someone you know where you are going. If you can meet in the daylight do so.  To make better judgements I would always say avoid alcohol on the first meeting, keep the first meeting short and make sure you can leave easily if need be. Check out more safety tips for meeting someone online here. 

As you can see the dating scene has changed a lot over the last thirty years. Let me know do you date online? What do you think of these changes?

*Collaborative post 


  1. I would be so useless at dating these days, as my husband and I met prior to online dating and all the complicated ways you can meet people now! However, my brother met his wife online and they're very happy so I have seen it's successes :)

    1. Everyone seems to meet online these days don't they?

  2. I would hate to be dating in this day and age, but then I guess people are used to it now. I met my husband at work :)

  3. It is interesting how much things have changed over the years, quite quickly even. I'm not sure I would be up to dating online these days lol.

    1. Things are different and the ability to connect is definitely easier, but getting that perfect match is as hard as ever I guess

  4. I can't imagine dating nowadays, I've been married quite some time but it is great that there are all sorts of sites out there to help people find a new love. Mich x

  5. I definitely think that dating has changed even in the past decade while I have been dating. 10 years ago dating sites seemed seedy and for older people but now they're so normal and I'm so thankful for them because I met my boyfriend online and we've been together 2.5 years now x

  6. It is certainly crazy how much has changed since I got together with Steve. I wouldn't like to go on the dating scene again because of how much it has changed.

  7. Things have definitely changed since I started dating my husband over 40 years ago. I would hate to have to meet a stranger on a date, I think I would prefer to know someone before I would decide to date them or not. However it's all moot as I'm very much married, but I do worry for younger members of my family.