Why You Need to Invest In Make Up Tools

A beautiful face needs the right investment to make it look good. First, you need amazing makeup products like those from Sulwhasoo and then you need to apply it properly. Every makeup artist needs his/her own set of makeup tools to get the perfect look and there are many benefits of having your own makeup tool kit. Having the perfect brushes, sponges, and applicators can really make a difference. It is a good investment, both for those that wear makeup every day and for those amateur and professional makeup up artists that work in the beauty industry.

Here are all the reasons why you need to invest in your own makeup tools:

1. Keeping your own makeup tool set is more hygienic and sanitary

The primary benefit of owning your own makeup tool set is having better sanitation both for you and your makeup client. Makeup tools like brushes, sponges, and applicators come into frequent skin contact, both from your hands and the face of your various clients.

It is important to make sure your makeup tools are clean to prevent skin outbreaks and irritation caused by dirty makeup applicators. It is so much easier to clean and ensure makeup hygiene when you have your own tool kit than sharing or borrowing it from others.

2. You will have better product control and management

Another perk to having your own makeup tool kit is being able to choose your own brush sets, foams, and applicators according to your needs and budget as a makeup artist. You’ll have more freedom to choose which makeup tools to use and buy depending on your needs and preferences.

For example, you may choose to buy an entire brush set from a certain brand only, or mix and match several individual brushes from various brands. You can also decide how many or less of a particular makeup tool you need. You may like to have three eyeshadow brushes instead of just one because you don’t want to mix up eyeshadow palettes or choose to just have one because of a limited budget.

3. Enables for more precise application

One of the greatest perks of owning your own makeup tool kit is that you’re more comfortable and capable of handling the tools you’re going to use, which leads to better and more precise makeup application. You are basically familiar with handling a makeup brush with the right grip and using the right strokes.

Comfortability is an important factor when applying makeup because having the wrong grip or stroke is not going to help you achieve the best results on your client. Furthermore, improper handling of makeup tools will cause joint fatigue on your hands that will diminish your ability to apply makeup on a client’s face, especially when you are applying a makeup look that takes several hours.

4. You can achieve better effects with the right tools.

Using your own makeup tools also delivers better effects on your makeup application. If you are comfortable with handling your tools, you will also be more accustomed to blending correctly and applying the cosmetic product to achieve the desired effect. The cosmetic product may be good and even expensive, but without the right brush or required makeup applicator, the makeup artist may not be able to achieve the right effect.

5. Having the right tools can maximize the products’ effectivity and function.

The right makeup brushes, sponges, and applications can boost and maximize the effectiveness of a cosmetic product. For example, liquid foundation is spread out more easily and with a better finish when it is applied onto the face using a blending sponge than just using your fingers. An even application saves you more time, energy, and the product itself since it ensures that only the right amount of the product will be used due to better application. Having the right brushes also enables your colour palettes to look better because it will be properly applied using the right brush, thus making blending easier and making the colours stand out or harmonize each other.

Investing in your own makeup tool kit is a good idea as it helps you ensure better sanitation, product application, control, and management that greatly benefits any makeup artist by ensuring the makeup process is more comfortable and easier.



  1. I definitely think it makes a difference when you use really nice make up brushes.

  2. You're totally right that you can get better results with good tools, I'm slowly trying to replace my older brushes and tools x