How To Discover Your Home Decor Style

Are you planning to decorate your home but stuck for ideas? When it comes to home decor, everyone has their own personal style. However, if it is your first time decorating a home you may not have established your style yet. It is important to understand your interior style, as it will make the design process much easier, whether you decide to take on the project yourself or work with a professional.

To help you uncover your home decor style, you should read these top tips which will allow you to create your dream home.

Get inspired 

If you have no idea how you want your home to look, you need to look out for inspiration which will help you discover different types of interiors and what your preferences are. The best interior influences usually come from Pinterest, where you can find thousands of home decor boards which should get your design juices flowing. You can then create your own Pinterest board or even bring your designs to life on a real-life mood board - all you need is a cork board, pins, and some magazine cutouts.

Looking at properties up close is also beneficial, as it allows you to visualise potential d├ęcor better. You could consider visiting show homes or even the home of a member of your family, or a friend who you think has great style. If you’re looking for professional inspiration, you should look to property experts like RW Invest, who have a variety of luxury apartments available with some of the best on-trend designs.

Look in your wardrobe

One of the best ways to establish your home design style is by looking at your personal style and assessing your wardrobe. By doing this, you can discover your favourite colours, patterns, materials and styles you enjoy and how you translate your fashion choices into your home.

You could even piece together an outfit that you could wear on a normal day, then add a focal piece like a necklace or statement jumper which you would describe as one of your favourite fashion pieces. It may be that your favourite pattern is streamlined stripes and you have a weakness for vintage pieces, so why not take this and use it as a starting point?

Find a focal piece

Another good way to start your interior design planning is to shop around and find one piece of decor that can be used as a focal point, which the rest of the room decor can be worked around. This could be anything from a wallpaper sample to a table centrepiece, whatever it is, make sure it is bold and makes a statement.

Using a focal piece will allow you to make a start, as you then have a reference for the style of the room, which will help you get the creative ball rolling. For example, if you choose a terracotta lamp, you could then start to look at similar coloured wallpaper and neutral furniture to complement it. This will make your interior purchases much easier as you know what to look for to create cohesion in a home you love. 



  1. I have a really Scandi design style when it comes to my home - I am all about grey walls and white furniture!

  2. I love my blog colours - white, pink and grey and want to decorate my house with the same colours. just got to find the money first. But saying that I have recently decorated my boys bedroom dark grey and it looks lovely

  3. I never thought about looking in my wardrobe for inspiration.

  4. I can not wait to get a house next year so we can work out how we want to decorate. I think we'll have focal furniture pieces to make it stand out x

  5. I’ve never thought about looking in my wardrobe for home inspiration. It does make a lot of sense though!

  6. These are great tips! I am currently decorating the kids room (they have gone for a space theme!) but always struggle when it comes to shared spaces like the living room as there are just so many choices in the diy stores! Having a good idea of my style and the style I would like would certainly make it much easier!

  7. We have just decorated our bedroom I really wanted purple and but by bit I found the paint, curtains and wallpaper so this weekend I wallpapered for the first ever time. Next on my to tackle list is my hallway.