9 Essential Numbers That You Need To Have In Your Mobile

It’s great to always be prepared. In a moment of need, you’ll wish that you had these numbers already programmed into your phone. Save yourself some time, money and general peace of mind and take a look at the 9 essential numbers that you need to have in your phone.

Emergency Services

This goes without saying. Although you may know your country's emergency number off by heart it’s always good to know you have a backup in a fast-paced situation. Your emergency contact will put you in touch with the Police, Ambulance, and Fire Department.

Non-Urgent Healthcare

Feeling under the weather but think it could be something a bit more serious than a cold? Call your allocated non-emergency healthcare provider. Trained professionals are on hand 24 hours a day to evaluate your issues and symptoms. It can save you a visit to your GP, as they can recommend some over the counter products as well as giving great healthcare advice. In the UK the NUH has a non-urgent number 111 for help and advice.

An Out-Of-Hours Dentist

Tooth pain can sometimes sneak up on you out of nowhere, and can sometimes be unbearable. Make sure you have an emergency dentist on speed dial for those niggling dental issues that just can't wait until morning. It will also be helpful to have the number of cosmetic dentistry veneers based in altamonte springs for when you want urgent cosmetic surgery done.

Your Bank

Nothing strikes panic into most people’s heart than the thought of a misplaced bank card. With card theft and fraud on the rise, make sure that you’ve got your bank’s ‘lost and stolen’ department on speed dial, to make sure you cancel the card as soon a possible to stop it from getting into the wrong hands.

A Locksmith

It’s been reported that the average adult loses more than 3,000 possessions in their lifetime. The one item that's at the top of that list? Keys. To take the pain out of the inevitable frustration of losing such an essential item, make sure you can quickly call a reputable locksmith company li
ke Danum Locksmiths that can get you back into your home quickly.

A Plumber

Sink drains can be blocked and running baths can be forgotten. Having a trusted, local plumber easily on hand can help you being overcharged in an emergency situation. More information about plumbing services you can find at local-plumber.london, a reliable online resource.

A Vehicle Towing Company

Your car breaking down can be a huge inconvenience, and being stranded far away from home is no fun at all. Ensure you have your local recovery company available, to get you on your way. Or if you are a member of an emergency service programme that into your phone.

Your Boss

Everyday life can take the most unexpected of turns. Sometimes it's a delayed train, an unwell child, or absolute gridlock on your morning commute. Make sure you can contact your manager as soon as possible to let them know of your whereabouts and your expected arrival time at the office.

Your Neighbour

Being able to reach your neighbours in a tricky situation can be a lifesaver. As well as helping to keep you up to date with any general issues within your block or on your street, they may also be kind enough to take in delivery parcels while you're at work. Vigilant neighbours can also report on any unexpected activity around your apartment when you’re away.

Let me know have I missed anyone out? Do you have any suggestions for essential numbers to have in your mobile?

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  1. I agree, these numbers are important and essential to have, I just need to find out who my neighbour is lol

  2. I could not agree with you more. Important numbers for sure and I am updating my phone as I type xx