Top Tips To Relax And Unwind

We all lead busy lives, but as I have become older I realise it's so important to learn to look after yourself, and even more so if you are a caregiver too. So here are my top tips to relax and unwind. 

Go for a walk

Exercise has many benefits, including reducing your risk of major illness such as heart disease, strokes and cancer by up to 50%. Research also shows that exercise releases endorphins, the body's feel-good hormones, which helps improve sleep and reduces stress, so build in some time to go for a walk daily and you will reap the benefits before long. If you enjoy walking in the countryside then all the better as getting close to nature can really benefit you too.

Book a massage

A massage by a qualified masseur can relax you as well as improve skin tone, and even lower blood pressure research has shown. Also taking the time to spend it on yours
elf and having the treatment is beneficial to your mind as well as your body. Some simple massage techniques can be learnt, so you can even give yourself or teach your partner to do a good foot massage. 

Create a spa-style experience at home

Why not have a spa-style experience at home? Treat yourself to a face mask, pour yourself a glass of your favourite wine or sparkling soft drink, burn some Nag Champa incense and relax in a bath. A jacuzzi or whirlpool bath like the Carron baths with a whirlpool feature is the ultimate indulgence, so relax and let the warm water ease your worries away.

Listen to music

Relaxing music can really make a difference to our state of mind. It's always good to find some music that will help you relax, especially in stressful situations. I like to listen to relaxing music on a flight as I have a mild fear of flying.  If you pay for a streaming service like Spotify then you can search for playlists of relaxing tunes. If you want to recreate a spa-style experience at home, search for nature sounds like waves, bird song or even whale sounds to play.

Spend time with pets

Spending time with pets has a whole host of rewards. A pet like a dog wants and needs comfort, feeding and love and gives back lots of love and affection. Petting an animal has been shown to help lower blood pressure and animal therapy is widely used in care homes to help improve well being.

Try relaxation exercises

Relaxation exercises are easy to learn and can make a real difference to our body and mind. Check out relaxation videos on YouTube to learn the basic skills, or seek out relaxation technique audios that you can buy or download for free. A simple way of relaxing is to learn the technique where you go through your body from head to toe and tense and relax each group of muscles in turn.

Take up a relaxing hobby

A relaxing hobby doing something you enjoy can contribute to an overall feeling of well being whether that is painting, completing crossword puzzles, baking, gentle gardening or writing. The key is finding something you enjoy that isn't stressful.

Let me know, how do you relax and unwind?

*Collaborative post


  1. Some great suggestions here. Going for a walk really helps my peace of mind.

  2. Fantastic suggestions! My favourite way to relax is to get outdoors, something about the fresh air instantly makes me feel calmer and gives me perspective! x