3 Ways To Make Your Learning luxurious

The words ‘learning’ and ‘luxury’ aren’t natural bedfellows, and some would argue the two are oppositional phrases.

Some think academics spend their time in a swamp of books, their head hunched over a dusty tome as they sit in an office that resembles a disused warehouse. Young students desperately aim to escape the fusty confines of school and travel the globe in search of luxury, and those who choose to enrol in adult education are satirised in countless telly shows as being, well, a bit thick.

However, none of the above is really true and, while the term ‘edutainment’ is a dirty word, there are ways to make learning a relaxing, luxurious and, dare we say it, fun enterprise.

To prove my point, I’ve been scouring the internet for educational aids that allow you to learn key skills while indulging in the luxury of hi-tech. Take a look and enjoy the pursuit of knowledge.


There are fewer joys in life than learning a new skill without even leaving your front door.

Picture the scene – you’re sipping your morning coffee and wrapped in your dressing gown while the world outside passes you by. In front of you is your laptop, and it’s showing you all you need to get a promotion in your job.

This picture can be a reality if you sign up to a distance learning service from institutions like Anglia Ruskin Distance Learning. It’ll set you back a few grand, but you’ll receive university-level modules, a tutor who’s always available via email, bundles of coursework, and (at the end of your studies) a bona fide degree that will be valid in a workplace environment.

University education enriches the mind, but it’s out of reach for most of us. With a distance learning course, you’ll be able to work, learn and still live in the lap of luxury. 

Learn the guitar

Learning the guitar is a complete nightmare unless you’re a 14-year-old with the dexterity of Spiderman. For anyone quickly approaching middle-age, playing Stairway To Heaven seems about as likely as becoming an astronaut.

Not so if you purchase Rocksmith, a video game that allows you to plug in your guitar and undertake a series of simple-to-understand lessons.

This software is available for PC, Xbox One and PS4, and promises to teach you how to play the guitar in only 60 days. What’s more, it really works. While you might never be a true rock god, Rocksmith can help you at least become a minor deity.

Learn a language

Learning a new language is a costly affair if you’re going through official channels. A foreign language course can cost hundreds or even thousands of pounds, and purchasing the right tools can set you back even more cash.

Duolingo, however, has changed all that, providing users with bite-sized lessons in a plethora of languages, and all you need to use it is a working mobile phone.

That’s my list! What learning aids do you use to boost your brain? Let me know in the comments below.

*Collaborative post


  1. I love the idea of distance learning but I'm terrible at following things through.
    I've always wanted to learn to play the guitar.

  2. Some great ideas! I'm quite lucky to work at a uni that offers access to courses for staff :)