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 You have probably bumped into those kinds of ads that read something like this: “Learn how to make $1000 weekly from home.” Or you may have seen one as inspirational as: “How I made six figures in 6 months working online.” Whatever the case, our guess is that we’ve all been privy at one point or the other to some variations of the two examples given above.

While these ads might appear enticing at first, it will be fair to admit that some of them are more or less click-bait websites looking to get your attention. That, however, does not in any way imply that these numbers are not attainable. YES. It has become super easy to make money online today than it was 10, or even 5 years ago.

With the rise of many lucrative channels and job opportunities offered exclusively online, people have more than enough options to pick from. The best part about them is that most require little or no experience to get started.

In this article, I will discuss the 5 best work-from-home jobs in 2022. As pointed out earlier, you will require no forehand experience to clinch any of the ones mentioned here. Continue reading…

Language Translation

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Let me start this off with language translation. Did you know that women are making easy cash online these days from simply translating languages?  If you have an expert understanding of a particular language, you can by all means explore this route. You do not even need any kind of job experience to land a language translation gig. And the good thing is that there are openings for just any level—entry, intermediate, and expert.

Visit sites like to get an entry-level remote language translator job. It is always better to start small here and grow your portfolio gradually. In no time, you can become an expert Language Translator commanding higher rates all from the comfort of your home.

Online Modelling

The term itself might sound corny, but yes, you can become an online model working from home. How do you do that? I’m sure we’ve all heard of OnlyFans by now. OnlyFans is a platform that lets you register and charge people to view exclusive videos of them. Its popularity exploded during the Covid-19 lockdown as people were forced to stay home.

Models and exotic entertainers turned to this platform as an alternative means to earn while in the confines of their homes. But Only Fans is not just about adult entertainers. Life coaches, personal trainers, make-up artists and musicians are also on there. You do not need any kind of experience whatsoever to get started. All you need is a good quality smartphone to record your videos and you too can become one of the best of Onlyfans.


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Blogging may have become a bit cliché but then, it remains a highly lucrative work-from-home job that anyone can pick up. The fact remains that more people are beginning to fancy the idea of blogging more than ever. Blogging from home offers people the opportunity to work from home, become mummy bloggers, and keep their eyes on the kids. Or be like me and travel extensively but still make a full-time income by blogging around the world.  Use the best VPN you can afford to keep your data secure, they all offer a similar service and some are cheaper than others. The flexibility that blogging affords is something hard to overlook. 

What’s more interesting is how the experience gives them something to weave their blog content around. That explains why we have a lot of stay-at-home mums, basing their blogs around cooking, crafting or doing simple DIY/home hacks as women juggle home responsibilities with blogging.

Virtual Assistant

With the concept of remote jobs going global, there has now become an unprecedented need for virtual assistants. Virtual assistants operate almost the same way or handle similar responsibilities as a traditional office secretary. The only difference here is that they ply their trade exclusively remotely.

If you’ve taken the role of a secretary offline in the real world, you won’t find it hard to adjust to the role of a virtual assistant. Virtual assistants carry out simple to slightly complex tasks such as recording data, calendar planning, responding to emails, scheduling meetings, etc. Your role may also extend to managing the social media accounts of your employer. The list remains endless.

Online Tutoring


If you have a deep grasp of a subject or more, then you may be able to share your skills and earn while you're at it. The online space today has made remote learning a top choice for many people. Nowadays, students and even corporate individuals go online to take up courses that allow them to acquire fast skills at their pace, at the same time, making room for other activities.

So if you know a subject well, you can start an online tutorial offering your expertise to the people who need them. Many great educational platforms allow you to upload courses with no experience needed. Some of them include Udemy, Coursera, and Udacity. Pick any of them and start publishing high-value materials and charge people to view them.

Claim Your Freedom As A Woman Or Man By Working Remotely Today

I have just discussed the 5 best work-from-home jobs that require no previous experience and can bring you good income. Additionally, some of these ideas make an excellent passive income long-term. Make what you can from these listed as there are a lot more. Remote work is no longer the future, it is now! It is either you are in tune with it or you are not. So take a chance.

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