The Invictus Appeal

Many luxury vinyl flooring brands draw much focus from many interior design professionals as well as those homeowners who have recently updated their homes into a new style.

One brand owns the floor when it comes to luxury vinyl flooring and that would be the brand by the name of Invictus.

The Appeal


Invictus is a high-quality luxury vinyl product that provides a stunningly replicated look on top of its intricate design. It has become popular over the last decade due to its compatibility for both home and workplace environments - instilling an authentic look and supported quality that other flooring cannot compete with.

Invictus is among the most popular choices for those looking for flooring that provides a simple fitting and a bright realistic visual.

The Draw

Throughout the 2000s, design innovations in joint locking systems have presented homeowners with a product that can be laid easily and rapidly over a single day if desired. That's perfect for those loving their bit of DIY within the house and easily maintained so that, even if you hate cleaning, you will find it a much easier task.

In most cases, simple sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping save as much money as time in keeping vinyl clean. Sparing the expensive polishes, and cleaning solutions to especially tackle stains and scratches - as well as the non-reliance on professional fitting - is the reason why luxury vinyl flooring works so well and remains a firm favourite in home design. Anti-scratch and stain properties do a lot of protection so you don’t have to, plus a high slip resistance provides safety for both young and elderly relatives.

Durable Factors


Invictus flooring is among the most durable in the vinyl marketplace, incorporating a hardwearing design layer that does not fall victim to wear and tear.

Specifically manufactured with a heavy-duty wear layer, it provides maximum protection against such threats as moisture and rising temperature to ensure nothing comes unstuck or unplaced. Also, if you desire silence in certain parts of the house, LVT tiles and planks can deaden all loud noises with their soundproofing quality. Perfect for those nights trying to keep the kids asleep.

Satisfaction in Longevity

Invictus provides maximum satisfaction to customers with their warranty amongst the highest in the marketplace, giving a lot of assurance in their product being the best money can buy - no matter if for home or work environments. It does not matter much which range you choose, you’ll have an intrinsically designed, reinforced, durable floor from the leading brand in luxury vinyl flooring.

If you are looking for where satisfaction in the vinyl flooring marketplace rests, it is coming from Invictus – such as grey parquet flooring.

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