How To Prepare For A Rave

Maybe it's your first time attending a festival, and you have no idea what to do, or you want to ensure your teenagers are prepared, but you should be prepared if you are going to a rave or festival. Here are some ideas for you to get prepared, from creating a checklist of items to help you get ready for the event, to understanding what you need to help you have the best time.  Here's how to prepare for a rave.

Get In Shape

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The first thing you need to do before choosing rave clothes is to get in shape. Festivals are action-packed. You'll be dancing, jumping, and walking throughout the event. Make sure you have the stamina to last.

You can start by doing some cardio to help you get your heart health together. Also, you'll be used to high-intensity activity. Of course, you want to do workouts that will strengthen your arms and legs. When you have the stamina, it helps you build more staying power to enjoy your experience.

Additionally, you'll feel better about yourself and how you look in your outfits at different rave functions throughout the year.

Find Out Your Itinerary


Are you going to a 2-day event? Maybe it's something out of the area. Find a hotel near the venue and decide if you'll take a flight or drive there.

Get a group to go with you. You'll be able to cut costs, and you'll feel safer than travelling alone, especially if you are a woman. Additionally, you want to plan everything ahead of time to get the fine details figured out.

Get to know what music artists are playing on specific days. When you go with a group, you should map out what you're going to do to make the most of your time and stop you from feeling overwhelmed. 

Make sure you have emergency numbers of your friends, so you can alert family and close friends back at home if there are any problems.

Pack Your Supplies


Always come prepared with quality supplies. Make sure you have water and an energy drink to help hydrate throughout the event. Have an extra shirt to keep you dry on hot days. Take sun cream and a hat for hot days, and wet wipes to help you be comfortable.

Also, pack a first aid kit to help with minor bruises or cuts if you have a small accident. Pack a wall and portable charger. You want to have access to your phone if you have to message your friends about something. 

Bring some snacks with you for nourishment, especially if you're going on a road trip. You'll feel more comfortable having some quality supplies to help you make things more manageable.

Enjoy your festival with your friends to get away from your daily schedule.

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