13 Neat Gadgets to Have at Home and When You're Away

Home gadgets have made our lives easier. They help us save time and energy and improve our living experience. They're a must-have in today's world, but if you fill your home with just any gadget, you may end up with a stack of unused stuff in your basement and not enjoy any benefits. 

To save you the trouble, I've compiled a list of 13 gadgets worth having at home, including those that'll come in handy when you're away.

13 Neat Gadgets to Have at Home and When You’re Away

Most of the gadgets in this list are affordable and easy to use, and you'll find them helpful. They include:

1. Air purifier

air purifier

Coming home to a stale and musty smell can be off-putting, and even embarrassing. If your home suffers from stale or musty odours, air purifiers are just what you need. An air purifier is a smart device that cleanses the air indoors. Air purifiers sanitise the air by removing dust, allergens, and pollutants. Great for hay fever sufferers. They can also give the surrounding air a soft, fragrant smell. Some air purifiers can even help raise or lower your home's temperature.

2. UV bottle

Regular water bottles store water, but UV water bottles take it a step further. UV water bottles purify water using UV light. They're portable and efficient, so they're the perfect gadget for getting clean, purified water on the go. Depending on the brand you patronize, you can expect different features from a UV water bottle. BOS provides a list of important features you should look out for in a UV bottle.

3. Solar-charged torch light

Solar-charged torch lights have several benefits. They're useful during unexpected power outages, camping trips, or when you're walking alone in the dark. Solar-charged torch lights are great gadgets because you don't need to worry about changing their batteries or charging them with electricity.

4. Water pitcher

Water pitchers are small jugs for filtering water. They get rid of common water contaminants, are good if you have hard water and improve the quality of your drinking water. If you don't have a whole house filtration system, you should add a water pitcher to your list of home gadgets. Water pitchers are small, easy to use, and require no home installation.

5. Countertop blender

Countertop blenders are much-needed in modern kitchens. They make cooking easier and much more fun. With a small countertop blender by your side, you can prepare smoothies, desserts, sauces, and smooth soups. You'll also be more open to trying new recipes that require blending like pesto.

6. Faucet filter

A faucet filter or tap filter is another gadget that filters out pollutants in water. Faucet filters are attached to taps at home, so they don't take any extra space and filter water from the faucet directly. You can buy one or two faucet filters and fix them to your most-used taps at home.

7. Juicer

If you're a fruit juice lover, then you need a juicer. With a juicer, you can make your favourite fruit or vegetable juice in seconds. Unlike a blender, a juicer makes your juice smooth by leaving the seeds and fibre behind and extracting only the liquid you need.

8. Smart coffee maker

Can't go a day without grabbing some coffee? Then you need a coffee maker. But not any regular coffee maker - you can find smart coffee makers that allow you to set a scheduled coffee brewing time. This means you can set your coffee maker to brew coffee a few minutes before you wake up and have ready-made coffee the moment you're out of bed.

9. Mini vacuum cleaner

Mini vacuum cleaners are the face of modern-day house cleaning. Just like their large counterparts, they collect dirt, excess pet hair, and dust from your home's floor using suction. They also clean carpets, stairs, cars, and upholstery. In addition, you can use them to clean countertops, desks, and even your laptop keyboard.

10. Portable speakers


If you're a music or podcast lover, you shouldn't miss out on this. A portable speaker helps you vibe to your favourite song at your preferred volume, setting the right atmosphere at home. Planning your next holiday? Simply take your portable speaker along with you when you travel. You can switch things up by getting a smart speaker with a virtual assistant like Alexa or Google Assistant built-in, which allows you to get your speaker working using your voice.

11. Blind cleaner

Cleaning your window blinds can be a joyless chore, but you don't have to keep dreading it. Blind cleaners make it easy for you to clean the most intricate parts of your window blinds, leaving them sparkly clean. You don't have to remove your window blinds to use a blind cleaner; simply hold the tool by its handle and let the brush do its job.

12. UV phone sanitiser

Our mobile phones go everywhere with us, so they harbour many germs. As a result, a phone is one of the dirtiest objects we use daily, even ten times dirtier than the average toilet seat.

A UV phone sanitiser uses UV light to neutralize the dangerous germs on your phone. It's an important gadget for keeping your phone germ-free and keeping you disease-free.

Enjoy Life with Minimal Stress

All the gadgets mentioned in this article are designed to help you enjoy life with minimal stress. They're also super affordable, so don't be afraid to try them out!

You can check out a few of them, depending on your current needs at home. Devices like UV water bottles, portable speakers, solar-charged torch lights, and UV phone sanitisers can be helpful during travels or camping, and others like air purifiers and speakers can help set the mood in your home.

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