Tips & Advice: Riding Electric Bikes As A Family

Electric bikes are easy and fun to ride, which makes them perfect for the whole family. Even if you have small children, you can easily carry them on the bike. E-bikes are an easy way to go grocery shopping or explore a park or a city where you live. In addition, electric bikes are environmentally friendly, which makes them even better. Here are some tips and advice on riding electric bikes as a family and how to take advantage of them.

Types of Electric Bikes for Families

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There are many types of electric bikes made for family and daily activities. Here are the main three types:

Standard Electric Bike with a Child Seat

Electric bikes that have a rear rack where you can place a child seat and your child can sit nice and comfortably. This standard electric bike is great for families with small children.

Cargo Electric Bikes with Passenger Seats

These types of e-bikes are made to carry heavier loads and you can carry a child or even an adult passenger. Cargo electric bikes are great for families because they are just like regular bikes, but with a nice electric boost.

Front Leading Electric Bikes or Bakfiets

These types of electric bikes are mostly seen in Europe. You can place multiple small children at the front of your bike. This bike has a large passenger basket so they’re perfect if you have a couple or more small children.


There are many benefits of electric bikes, however, in order to have the most fun and stay safe while riding an e-bike, you should have the proper equipment. The first and most important gear to have is a helmet. Never ride without a helmet, especially not with children. Make sure the helmet fits well over your head and your child’s head, too. Besides a good helmet, you should have proper and comfortable clothing that can handle rain or wind. Also, your children should wear gloves and arm and knee pads, so they stay protected in case of falling down. In addition, check if the e-bike has any reflective material on it, so other people can see you in the dark. Bring bike locks if you plan to stop somewhere and have lunch. Also, bring drinks and snacks, so the whole family stays hydrated and can easily snack on something in case they get hungry.

Plan Your Route

Even if you’re just going down the street on a family electric bike ride, it’s always smart to have a plan ahead of time. If you have a route planned, then you can easily avoid hills, tricky roads, and construction. Also, include your children in the plan. Let them know where you’re going and be the leader. Make sure to adjust and find the route that fits your child’s riding skills. You don’t want your child to ride on a difficult road if they just learned how to ride a bike. However, remember that riding with children includes lots of breaks, snacks, chill-out time, and waiting. Prepare to observe everything around you. The most important thing about family riding should be having fun and creating beautiful memories together. At the end of the day, praise your children for doing a great job and for riding their favourite electric bike.

Follow these tips and advice to have a great time while riding electric bikes with your family. Make sure to plan a route ahead, and pack extra clothes, snacks, and drinks. Be observant and make sure everyone in the family is enjoying their time. With the right electric bike type for you and your family, you will surely have a great day!

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