5 Of The Best Attractions In Johannesburg For Adults

Johannesburg in South Africa is one of the largest cities in the world with a wealth of activities on offer. if you are visiting Joburg or Jozi as it's also called with your partner or friends, you may not know where to start looking at what to do.  

Nelson Mandela statue

So here is a list to help you! Here are some of the best attractions in Johannesburg for adults. 

Visit The Apartheid Museum

A visit to the apartheid museum is essential if you like to explore history. It can be a hard-hitting museum and charts when the National Party came to power in the late 1940s to 1994 when South Africa had a series of racially discriminatory laws. It charts apartheid through film clips, newspaper cuttings, photos and documents, There is also a large section on Nelson Mandela and his struggle for equal rights for people of all colours. Open daily from 9am to 7pm.

Walk Around The Walter Sisulu National Botanical Gardens

The Walter Sisulu National Botanical Gardens is a nature reserve that is beautiful and relaxing. The nature reserve has over 240 types of birds including a pair of Verreaux eagles who are nesting there. It's a place to stroll, take a picnic and relax by the waterfall there, take in the bird and butterfly garden, and get away from the bustle of city life.

Take In The Awe-inspiring Cradle Of Humankind

The Cradle of Humankind is a must-see when visiting Johnannesburg. It's based 30 miles outside of the city but is well worth a visit to see this UNESCO World Heritage Site. This 53,000-hectare site contains a large complex system of caves and is the site where the first primate was discovered. A large number of fossils have been fond in this area including ancient human remains. Follow our early ancestors as you tour the terkfontein Caves.

See Nelson Mandela's House

The National Musuem Of Nelson Mandela also known as Mandela's House is the house where Nelson Mandela lived from 1946 to 1962. The house is worth visiting as part of a tour of Soweto. It has some original photos and furnishing from when Mandela lived there and a small visitors centre. To see the bullet holes on the wall is quite shocking and the marks from molkov cocktails thrown at the building. 

Scream At Gold Reef City

Gold Reef City is a theme park based on a turn of the centre mining town just outside the centre of the city. You can scream on the rollercoasters, play bowling and pan for gold so although aimed at adults it has something for all ages. It has historical building preserved from the gold rush era as well as a discussed gold mine from the Crown Mines which you can tour.

So here are 5 of the best attractions in Johannesurg for adults. Find a flight London Johannesburg for your next trip or find a flight London Sao Paulo for adventures in Brazil.

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