How To Choose A Bangle

Choosing a bangle isn't as easy as picking a design you like, there are other things you need to consider. Of course, the design is important, but you also need to factor in the material the bangle is made of, your budget, the craftsmanship, and the size and fit of the bangle. 

So if you are looking to buy a bangle soon, let's look at how to choose a bangle in more detail and what you should be looking out for. 

Design and craftmanship

gold bangle

Firstly most people when looking for a bangle will be drawn to the design, whether it's a classic simple look or a more fashion-led design. A bangle is simply a rigid bracelet worn on the wrist. Of course, a design like a simple classic cuff bangle in platinum, white gold, yellow gold or silver never dates and you will get a lot of use out of it.  Most fashion-led designs however will come in and out of fashion over time and can only be worn with certain clothes, or as an accessory with a certain look. Fashion-led bangles are often costume jewellery and made of materials such as wood, glass, plastic or metal.  If you are looking for costume jewellery, check out small designers in your locality that make their bangles carved from reclaimed wood, recycled glass, or plastic retrieved from the ocean for a unique piece of jewellery that is eco-friendly too.

Craftmanship is also a consideration, and a bespoke design from a master jeweller will often come with a sizeable price tag, as well as being beautifully made and unique to you.  If a designer is well known or if the jewellery is from a known and coveted brand such as Tiffany,  this can make the item more expensive as well. 

Metal and price

Indian bangle
Of course, if you are wealthy you can buy what you want. Platinum is the most expensive precious metal and a bangle made from platinum can cost the buyer thousands of pounds. Adorning the bangle with precious stones, such as diamonds, sapphires and rubies will also add to the cost significantly as well. 

However, if you have a budget then you may want to stick to buying fashionable items in a cheaper precious metal like silver or palladium or instead consider buying costume jewellery as mentioned above.

If you are on a tight budget source your jewellery from countries known for their jewellery making especially their bangles, such as India. The competition will often mean that the bangles will be well made. In Europe, Portugal is known for its silver filigree designs and a bangle made here will be stunningly beautiful and well crafted.

Size and fit


If you already have a bangle that fits you then you are lucky as you can use this to work out the size of bangle you need. Get a ruler, then measure the internal diameter of the bangle to work out your size. Measuring your wrist will give you a false reading as the bangle has to go over your hand and knuckles.  If you don't have a bangle that fits then you may be able to try on bangles in a shop, and ask the nice shop assistant if they know the size or take a measuring tape to work it out. You could also borrow a few bangles from family or friends and measure one that fits. You want a bangle to fit over your hand and sit on your wrist comfortably without it falling off when your hand is lowered. If you don't have a bangle to try on, tuck your thumb in and then measure your hand across your knuckles with a measuring tape. 

The style of the bangle can affect how it fits, with irregular designs fitting differently than regular circular bangles. Some people like the fit of the bangle to be tight while others prefer a looser fit so you need to take this preference into account. A big cuff bangle will feel different to a thinner bangle and you may want it to be a bigger size. Some bangles are hinged which means they open up and then close with a clasp. This style of the bangle will be easier to fit a wide range of wrist sizes and may come with a safety chain to prevent it from falling off your hand. 

As you can see there is a surprising amount of things to take into consideration when choosing a bangle. Let me know, do you wear bangles? 

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  1. Oh nice to see such article! A rigid bracelet is the coolest piece of jewellery you can think of! I love to mix them with each other and wear several pieces on my arm, it looks very stylish. I have a whole collection of such bracelets and I often buy new ones in different countries when I travel, there are from India, and from Egypt, and many more from where. I just adore my collection!!