Great Habits: Picking Up Your Child From School On Their Bike

Rather than just picking up and dropping off your kids from school in your car, why not kit everybody in the family out with bicycles and turn the event into one that builds better habits for everyone? Your kids are sure to love showing off their bikes at school, and you’ll be building stronger bonds in the process. Here’s why commuting to their classes on bikes can be a terrific choice for your children.

Creating a Lifetime Of Healthy Exercise Habits

Encouraging your kids to ride a bike to and from school may help them build habits that can keep them from developing couch potato lifestyles as they grow older. Daily exercise is recommended for most children, yet many schools offer limited physical education opportunities. Riding each day can have a strong influence over how much activity and exercise your kids will engage in for the rest of their lives. Bike riding is so much fun that children may not even realize that they’re doing something good for themselves, but you’ll know that they’re learning a great deal about how good it can feel to be active.

Showing Off Their Bike To Their Friends

family riding bikes

In the same way that many adults can’t wait to show off their new cars, kids often get excited about flaunting their new rides as well. For kids, owning a bicycle gives them the freedom to go places and do things they otherwise couldn’t do, and it also offers a cool way for them to express themselves. By adding an eye-catching paint job, decals, and accessories like wheel lights, horns, and handlebar streamers, your kids can customize their bikes to make them uniquely theirs. Riding their tricked-out beach cruisers into the parking lot at school is sure to have them beaming with pride.

Spending Time Together As A Family

Picking up your kids from school isn’t a task reserved only for those children who would otherwise walk home. If your kids bike to their classes, meeting them and riding home together can make for a safer journey while providing a good way to forge closer family bonds.

Connecting with kids right after school may make it easier for them to talk about what they learned and experienced throughout the day. By meeting them on a bike yourself, you’ll be reinforcing that cycling is a healthy habit at any age. As an added bonus, riding a hybrid trike with an ample rear basket can make it easy to combine your after-school meetup with other errands like going to the market or grabbing your dry cleaning.

Encouraging your kids to bike to and from school can lay the groundwork for healthy habits, provide them with a source of pride, and strengthen family bonds. To find the perfect ride for accompanying your kids, check out a Sixthreezero around the block review to learn about one great cruiser option for adults to ride. Then everyone can peddle home from school in style!

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