5 Ways to Save Money When Moving Home

The cost of buying a new home doesn’t begin and end with the purchase price. There are a number of fees to pay too. You’ve got solicitor’s fees and if it's not your first home purchase, estate agent fees as well. Then there’s the stamp duty to pay unless you’re a first time buyer (who is exempt from paying stamp duty on properties up to £300k). 

If you are a first-time buyer too, perhaps on a shared ownership or help to buy scheme, you’ll also need money to furnish your home from top to bottom. I know places like Ikea are cheap for furnishings but furnishing every room does add up. Even if you already own or rent a property you may still need to buy things like new curtains or blinds. 

All these costs and you haven’t even moved in yet, phew! Speaking of moving in, have you thought about removal costs? Get a free quote from a company like www.suprememanvan.com. You’d probably love someone to pack all your stuff up, move it to your new home and unpack it all while you’re skipping off happily to the estate agent to pick up the keys to your new home.

While yes, this is entirely possible and there are companies who will manage the actual move from start to finish for you, this doesn’t come without a hefty price tag.

You probably have other things you’d rather spend your money on such as that sofa you were coveting online the other day, so here are five ways to save money when moving home.

Do it yourself

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It’s entirely possible for you to move home yourself. Hire a van and do it yourself, alternatively, to save even more money, borrow a van and do it yourself. You can perhaps rope a friend in to drive for you too, taking some of the stress off you, and you never know they may help you pack too!

Find free boxes

If you are thinking of buying expensive packing boxes - don't. Shops and supermarkets will give you boxes freely. These boxes might be a bit smaller than your average packing box, but smaller boxes are perfect for heavier items such as books. Fill a big packing box with books and you’ll never be able to lift it.

Local Facebook groups, forums and websites such as Freecycle are a great way to find free packing boxes. People who have just moved will be more than happy to let you have their boxes as it gets rid of some clutter in their new home and means they’re doing their bit for the environment by not sending the boxes off to the tip for recycling.

Use newspapers to wrap fragile items

There’s no need to buy expensive, un-environmentally friendly plastic bubble wrap to wrap your fragile items such as glassware. Newspapers will do just as good a job to protect your breakables and newspapers don’t literally cost the earth.

I'm not actually suggesting you go out and buy newspapers to wrap stuff in but if you don’t have any newspapers in your current home, I’m sure you can find people who will be happy to let you have some. Again, ask in local Facebook groups, on Freecycle, or ask around with family and friends. 

Sell your belongings

Not actually having anything to move would certainly save you money, and I don't expect people to not have any possessions but have a declutter and sell your unwanted belongings before you move. This will save you money by having less to move in the first place, therefore incurring fewer trips in the van and you’ll have the added bonus of starting afresh in your new home.  You don't want lots of boxes that will remain unpacked for the next eight years do you? 

So dust off and clean your old jewellery, get rid of the unwanted kids' books and sort out the clothes that no longer fit and sell them for some funds to help you move or give them to charity.

Do some if you can't do all

If you really can’t face the thought of doing all the moving yourself, do some of it instead.  While there are removal companies that will do all the packing and dismantling of furniture for you, then unpacking and reassembling the furniture in the new house, you can save money by doing this yourself. So arm yourself with an electric screwdriver, and some bags for the screws and you are away.

Moving house is undoubtedly a stressful, expensive business, but with a bit of thought and organisation beforehand, there are many ways to save money when moving home.

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