5 Jewellery Trends Making a Statement in 2021

Trends come and go, but jewellery trends are a fun way you can be bold, update and elevate an outfit with seemingly small yet impactful purchases. In 2021 jewellery trends are all about being bold and making statements, so whether you are a long time jewellery lover or you are looking for jewellery pieces that will make an impact, adding some jewellery accessories is a great way to update your wardrobe.

When you are considering what type of pieces you want to add to your collection, think about your lifestyle and what look you want.  Jewellery is the easiest way to completely transform an outfit: adding a pair of unusual earrings, a silver chain necklace, or a statement ring, can really make your outfit stand out. 

Two major trends in terms of colour for this year are neon and rainbow colours. This is the time to play with colour and lots of it! You can still opt for a neutral outfit but play with fun pops of colour via jewellery.

Here are some of the jewellery trends that are popular for 2021.

Statement rings

statement rings

Statement rings are bold pieces that truly stand out when you wear them, especially when you wear an otherwise understate or classic outfit.  You can find gorgeous statement rings, like the ones from Palmiero Gioielli for example, in the Flagship store of Pisa Orologeria, an excellent place to buy new pieces to add to your collection.

Fringe earrings

Fringe earrings are a way you can make a statement and add a boho element to your outfits. Tassels are everywhere this year, and these statement earrings are a way you can add a little fringe to your outfits. Fringe details come in all different details, such as chain details, crystals, pearls and more. So if you like the detail but want to make sure it suits your personal style, this is a way you can play with this trend but make it your own.

Chain detailing


We have seen chain detailing all throughout 2021, and jewellery is a way you can add this trend to your look easily. You can find plenty of pieces with chain details, from necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings to add to your collection. Right now, the chunky chain detail is particularly popular and will stand out against those autumn layers.

Flower brooches

While we’re coming into the autumn, we may think of shifting away from floral fashion but winter florals are still on all the runways. With a floral accessory like a brooch, you can add a special and delicate detail that elevates your outfits and gives them something special. Autumn colours are warm colours so think of a brooch in gold or a rose gold colour.

Zodiac-inspired pieces

Zodiac inspired pieces are a fun way you can make a statement and express your unique personality (and star sign) through jewellery. Some of the most popular pieces are pendant necklaces and charm bracelets with a zodiac sign.

So these are 5 jewellery trends making a statement in 2021. What do you think of these trends?

* Written in collaboration with Emily Jones

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