Major Roadblocks That Are Getting In The Way Of Your Blogging Success (& How To Overcome Them)

Blogging success is measured by many metrics including the number of readers, followers, commenters, and even subscribers. Of course, getting to the point where you can maximise these metrics isn't always easy. Indeed, there often seems as if there are many hurdles in between you and blogging success. The good news is that you can find out about the most troublesome ones below, as well as how to overcome them and achieve the success your blog deserves.


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If a lack of ideas is preventing you from writing amazing content for your blog, you may have things confused. This is because you don't have to come up with the ideas yourself. Instead, you should let the demographic that you are looking to appeal to define the type of topics you write and publish about. After all, the product that you are providing your audience is entertainment and information on things that are of value to them, so you need to make sure that anything you write matches this brief.

Now, having said that you may well have to come up with an angle. That is a way of approaching the topic that doesn't just repeat everything that is already being said online, and that will especially appeal to your audience, However, once again, by doing some research into your demographic and understanding what makes them tick, you can put yourself in their shoes and determine the right approach for your content from that.


So you didn't go to uni to study journalism? You've never had any of your work published in a national newspaper or magazine? Don't worry! None of these things is an issue or should be a roadblock to you writing or releasing your content. Indeed, for the most part, what readers are looking for in blogs is someone they can relate to and put across a sense of their personality in their writing, not the next Booker Prize-winning author.

Often confidence is something that comes from building one small success on the top of another, over and over again until we have evidence and faith in ourselves that we can do what is required of us. To that end, why not start with shorter posts at 250 or 500 words to test the waters and build to more extension ones later?

Of course, there is absolutely no harm in taking some classes or doing some research into the way other bloggers write, plan and organise their content. After all, there is no need to reinvent the wheel when many people have trodden the road before you! Instead, just make sure that you take any inspiration and information and adapt it for your blog.  


Once you have the skills you need to create successful and profitable content, you are almost ready to dive into the world of blogging. Except, you won't be able to get very far unless you have the right kind of equipment.

The good news is that for most people this means a laptop or Macbook and a fast internet connection. However, the bad news is that many people regularly experience frustration or some issues with their Mac or laptop slowing down, something that can at best be very annoying when you need to meet your blogging deadline, and at worst begin to chip away at your morale and productivity.

Fortunately, there are some actions you can take to make sure that your computer equipment works effectively, and as fast as possible. Delete any programmes or apps you do not need, close down any programmes that you are not using that are running in your background and store any large videos or photos on the cloud or backup drive. Indeed, taking such steps as well as regularly updating and maintaining your system is the best way to avoid such issues altogether.


We don’t do things because we haven't got time! What I mean here is that if something is important enough we will make time for it, and prioritize it in our day. With that in mind, setting aside a portion of time like 30 minutes every morning to work on your blog content can be a very useful exercise. Be strict with yourself too, add it into your calendar, and daily planner, and set a timer so you don't end up wandering off to make a cuppa during your writing time.

Indeed, as you become more practised you will be able to write, and edit around 500 words in this time. You can always put it in draft and come back to it later if you are not sure it's perfect. I like to do this myself as you don't always see any mistakes straight away. 

Let me know, have you started a blog?

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