Top Fashion Trends for the Rest of 2020

As the strange summer of 2020 winds down to a close, 2020’s overall weirdness has become a matter of course for most of us. We’re left wondering if this is the new normal or if things will return to how they were.


As lockdown restrictions continue to ease with even those shielding able to get out now, sweatpants and all-day pyjamas have finally been banished to the back of the cupboard. Even if nightclubs aren't opening anytime soon and the office Christmas party shows no sign of happening, we still need to update to appropriate clothing. Hush Style can help you update the wardrobe without breaking the bank especially if you are looking for designer brands.


Avoid being arrested by the fashion police. That means don’t try to squeeze into last year’s autumn and winter wear. I mean who hasn't put on a few pounds extra? Being out of style is bad enough, but being out of fashion in clothes two sizes too tight is even worse. It isn’t very good for your health either. Tight clothing cuts off circulation.

Don’t try to find something that fits in the High Street sales either. Brick and mortar retailers were ordered to shut their shops in March, only being allowed to reopen in summer. It may be tempting to grab a bargain leftover from last winter, but times have changed. 

Bargain boxes of clothing aren't always a good choice. If you are going to order one, be sure it's an ethical choice and supports workers in poorer countries. However, there’s no way of knowing what brands or styles you’ll be getting. Each brand runs their women’s sizes differently. Clothes could be too small or too big by a large margin. Also, it's often better to buy one item that lasts longer than 10 that won't.


Women’s clothing is well known for not having appropriate pockets. Global pandemic or not, this hasn’t changed. Without pockets to carry around the basic phone, wallet and keys plus the new essentials of masks (with a few to spare), gloves and hand gels, women need a good sized handbag. It needs to be large enough to fit at least all of that and possibly more. Cross body bags leave you hands-free while keeping your bag close. If you’re walking to the office to avoid the virus on public transport, a rucksack can carry everything plus your office shoes.

Face Coverings

Face coverings are a must if you plan on entering any shop, building or are in close proximity to others. Only a handful of exceptions exist. That doesn’t mean your face covering needs to be ugly. A scarf can meets regulations while protecting others. It is a stylish way to cover your nose and mouth. Better still look to get one of the three-layer face coverings you can buy and wash after use.

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