Choosing Wood Flooring - What Should You Look For?

Wood flooring can be a gorgeous style statement in your home and it also has lots of added benefits too. 

wood flooring in bedroom


Although the initial outlay is more than carpet, wood flooring can last much longer. Typically carpets are changed every 5 to 7 years but wood flooring can last decades. It, therefore, has the durability that carpet does not. Today's modern production processes also mean that engineered wood flooring is cheaper than it used to be, making it more accessible to those that could not afford it before.


Wood flooring is hygienic and easy to clean. With carpet, smells and dirt can get trapped in the fibres. If you have young children who spend time on the floor this is an obvious consideration. Cat and dog owners too will appreciate the ability to keep the floors hygienically clean. If you have allergies, wood flooring is also an obvious choice as solid wood flooring is easier to keep clean than carpet and doesn't trap dust and mites like carpet can.


wood flooring in kitchen

Wood flooring is minimal maintenance. Most floors can be cleaned by a dry brush to collect the dust and then washed with a simple mop and wood floor cleaner, being careful not to saturate the wood, and always following manufacturers instructions. Use floor protectors under furniture to prevent marks. Scratches and damage can occur, but because the wood has a uniqueness, each piece with its only markings and knots, minor scratches and damage are easy to overlook.  Greater damage can be repaired with sanding and refinishing, and this is cheaper than a new carpet that's for sure.


Wood is a natural renewable and recyclable resource. Many floors are made from reclaimed wood and recycled from barns, churches, railway sleepers, warehouses and ships. It's can be a sustainable option if you choose wisely, look for the FSC certificate. 

Adding Value

Wood floors in a house can add value to your home. When buying a new house many people replace carpets but hardwood flooring is almost always kept due to its timeless appeal, durability and classic good looks. It can make your home more saleable and desirable.

Lower Utility Bills

Solid wood floors have insulating properties as they trap warm air. This means a warmer environment and lower heating bills. We all want lower energy bills, don't we!


wood floor

Wood flooring never really goes out of fashion like carpets and lino can.  If you are having a new wood floor fitted there is a good choice of wood available to fit in with the look and style of your house including oak, maple, walnut and Scottish elm. If you get tired of the finish you can also sand and refinish the wood to get a different look.

As you can see there are many reasons why you need wood flooring in your home, including great looks, easy maintenance and lower bills. An initial investment in wood flooring will mean long-term benefits for the future for the home-owner.



  1. I love the classic look of wood flooring. It is so hard wearing too

  2. I’d love to have wooden flooring but in the flat we have to have carpet, so mine are covered sadly x

  3. The wood flooring sounds really nice, we too recently replaced our carpet with wood flooring.