Fresh Smoked Salmon Online From Scotland

Smoked salmon is a luxury that has become surprisingly affordable in recent years. With a rich deep flavour, it has become a popular ingredient in a variety of appetisers as well as a food eaten in its own right. With a variety of health benefits too, smoked salmon is one luxury that could be even good for you! So let's have a look at the reasons why you should eat smoked salmon and also the benefits of buying it online.

What is smoked salmon?

Smoked salmon is made by taking fresh salmon through the smoking process which helps keep the fresh fish longer. It is done through a cold or hot smoke which affects the taste and texture of the salmon making it a distinctive food product and coveted for its taste and richness as well as preserving it.

Health benefits of smoked salmon

sushi with salmon

Smoked salmon is rich in omega 3 oils. Omega 3 oils have a variety of benefits to health, including helping to prevent heart disease. Oily fish like salmon is also rich in Vitamin D which helps make healthy bones and teeth. The evidence for the health benefits of oily fish is so strong that the NHS recommends the majority of people to have a healthy balanced diet to incorporate two portions of fish a week and one of those oily fish. Check the recommendations if you are pregnant or breastfeeding as they may be different.

How to use smoked salmon

Smoked salmon is often eaten simply in the UK, with some brown bread and butter, and a squeeze of lemon juice, but there are a variety of ways it is eaten around the world. It is eaten with scrambled eggs as a popular brunch dish around Western Europe. Another way to eat it, popular in Jewish cuisine, is on a bagel with cream cheese. Smoked salmon can also be used as an ingredient in quiches, salads, and pasta sauces as well as used in sushi too.

Buying smoked salmon online

bagel and smoked salmon

Buying smoked salmon online is a convenient way of getting the best salmon to your doorstep from Scotland. Why Scotland? Scotland has a reputation for some of the best smoked salmon in the world with the freshest salmon coming from the award-winning producers around Scotland, and with many artisan smokers with years of experience in smoking this fine fish. Ordering Scottish smoked salmon online from a RSPCA accredited farm is a quick and convenient of getting the best to you without having to hunt it down in your local area.

Let me know, do you enjoy smoked salmon? What's your favourite smoked salmon dish?



  1. I absolutely love smoked salmon. My favourite way to eat it is with cream cheese and a tiny bit of lemon juice in a sandwich.

  2. Nothing beats the flavour of smoked salmon. I'm the only one who enjoys it so it's always such a treat for me.

    1. My mum adores it. It's her treat when she goes to a hotel.

  3. I love smoked salmon - I love it any way that you can have it but especially with cream cheese in a bagel. Delicious.

  4. Love this article. I had not thought about ordering smoked salmon on line but will certainly look at this going forward.