Top Benefits Of Travel For A Childs Development

Travel can mean different things for different people. New parents may wince at the idea of bringing the little ones away for the first time as there is so much to plan and so much to prepare, but, this is actually not the case at all. Not only is travel a good time for the family to bond, but it can also monumentally benefit the child!

Change of scenery, change of mind

It’s no secret that you experience new things when you travel, so to learn and see new cultures first hand while you are young will stand the child in good stead for the future. Children are taught about the wonders and workings of the world at school, but this will always be within four walls. Why not bring their learning to life? Travel is the ultimate hands-on and immersive classroom, just being in a new place with new customs will help the children experience diversity. and different cultures.

This exposure to new and different things will broaden their minds. Kids are often more tolerant and curious post-travel. This will benefit them as they can develop a ‘hunger’ for knowledge, so when they do end up back in the classroom they can apply their new findings straight to the textbook. Kids love doing and playing – so using all five senses to experience the world is a more enjoyable experience and beneficial for education for sen children. Often, they naturally adapt and use their newfound knowledge and link it straight to the reception class curriculum. This directly affects understanding, as it is harder to grasp concepts from just reading.

Boost their confidence whilst on the road

We all want our children to have the happiest lives possible, especially when it comes to social lives and friends. Playdates are so important, however, how do you get them to be confident enough to reach out to others? What happens when they’re in a situation where they have to step up and do things alone? They may be too young now, but skills like these are important to learn from early on. The introverts amongst us know how it feels when you’re in a situation when you don’t know anyone else – it’s not great. It’s often suggested that when on the road, children become better at meeting new people just from the experience of trying new things. The ‘unknown’ becomes less of a thing to fear, and more to be excited about. This is a valuable life skill that can be transferred onto any situation later in life, whether it is the classroom or even a job interview!

Patience, Patience

Another life skill learned while travelling is patience. Sadly, no matter how much we try, things can go wrong. Maybe there are delays, maybe you lose the suitcase – who knows? We wouldn’t wish for these situations, but when going on vacation they’re often unavoidable. If children are around to see these mishaps, they can learn one of life’s best lessons: be patient.

Learning to adapt to unforeseen circumstances and being able to ‘go with the flow’ are key to living a happier life. For kids to pick this up at a young age is very important. Returning to the classroom and being able to navigate education with patience will optimize their learning and improve grades. This teaches them that if things go wrong, it is okay – nothing is the end of the world. Adopting this mentality from travel to learning will make them more receptive to teachers and the process of studying. No one gets A’s first time.

Culture Vultures

Kids love anything new, so if you do make the decision to travel, mix up the destinations. From nature to a city break, the different experiences are so valuable. Visit landmarks, theme parks, even to new AI based vacations. The impact of AI on holidays will blow their minds – and possibly yours too! Technology knows no bounds, these up and coming holidays are not something to be dismissed. Learning together is great, we love our kids, but why don’t we nourish our own minds too.

Letting kids have an opinion on what they want to visit is also important. You may have a great idea for a vacation, but maybe they do too. Culture and self-expression go hand in hand, and seeing the world is an exciting experience. Try methods like having an open conversation about what you’ve experienced together. Did you like it? Why was that? Would you like to see it again? Their little brains will be whirring with amazement, building healthy pathways about the world and it’s beauty. 

Time to bond

I could reel on for hours about how much travelling benefits children’s learning, but another important and sometimes overlooked aspect is how much it benefits the family as a unit. Imagine going on a camping trip with your kids, seems like a lot of planning I know, but once you’re there and out with nature you can just… relax. Being in nature and present in the moment will have nothing but positive effects on your family relationships. As a society we are so busy these days, from meeting to meeting we go, often without even glancing around and taking a break. Having even just a weekend unplugged from work life builds stronger family foundations and promotes a positive environment to raise the young ones in.

Think of all the memories you can build together, one day you’ll all be looking back and smiling about the time you were away. No one knows how fast time goes more than parents, they really do grow up so fast – so take that time you’ve been thinking about taking and go for it! It will benefit everyone involved. 

Looking to the future

Building a family and raising children is never an easy task, especially when we care so much about them. Take that vacation you’ve been daydreaming about in the office and go see the world together. Try all these new and exciting experiences while they’re still young. Know that going away will only benefit them and their development. The vacation may last a week, but the memories will last a lifetime.

*Collaborative post

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